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Pugs Atomz - Enjoy

It's not a mixtape, because there's no DJ, but here's a free LP from the homey Pugslee. I'm loving how his work with DJ Vadim and The Electric, and his travels worldwide, has seemed to open up the pallette of beats he's spitting on. Even though cuts like "On The One" (with the best Theo Huxtable sample use in a while), you can drop this in your favorite rave and have the heads rockin'. I say that because aside from heads like Vadim and Grant Parks, he's taken to rippin' shit from SBTRKT, dog. He knows how to rock a club on the mic, and still twerk a Hip-Hop banger with the likes of Naledge, Brandun Deshay and his Gent$ crew. Now if I could only get the nigga to do a dubstep EP...

DOWNLOAD Pugs Atomz - Enjoy

Pugs Atomz- Enjoy LP by Pugs Atomz "Enjoy LP"


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