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My Man Shafe "Street Funk"

After dropping "Look At Her" about a month ago, the homey Fresh slid this throwback JB's flavor to me yesterday. My Man Shafe has a knack for those dusty samples, and this one is a great example. Rockin' over "more bass than a dub track", this is straight up styling over some vintage Fawnk. If you needed a jolt in the morning, some shit to get you in the PROPER mood to deal with the hellish ills that encompass the everyday struggle in the urban jungle, or just life in general, you'd be playing yourself if this wasn't your soundtrack.

Word is another track, featuring Atlanta's Ajaray on the vocals, will be dropped, and then the Who's That?! My Man Shafe! album will be released. Keep your ears to the ground, seekers.

DOWNLOAD My Man Shafe "Street Funk"


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