J NiC$ "Til Death"

I've never been a G. Nor will I ever be a G. Not that I'm some poo-butt pussy ass nigga, I just am not the one to be wearing my certification on my sleeve. I won't back down from the fight. But I might not win. I might need a blackjack in my backpack. Oh, I'm supposed to be taumbout this track, huh? J NiC$ knows how to pick 'em, don't he? Putting his pedigree down over some bangin' beats with a fly organ atop. Til the day that he die. His Southern Niggas Ain't Slow is dropping soon, and will be in two parts, I hear: "The Tribute" will feature J coastin' over "rarely touched Souther classics", while "The Product" will feature new jawns over original beats. That's a lot of work, Polar Bear!

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