Saturday, April 07, 2012

Suede Jury - Dreamer's Block

[video] Canto I "PULL."

Shaz illYork - Before It All Happened

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Rustie (4/07/2012)

Ras Kass & Doc Hollywood - Spit No Evil

Smoke DZA - Cuz I Felt Like It EP

Skream & Benga - The Dubstep Show (4/06/2012)

[video] Frank THE Phre$h "What Went Wrong"

DJ Wonder Mix (4/06/2012)

I fucks with all of DJ Wonder's "Sway In The Morning" mixes, but this one right here? Great tracklist. From that new Kanye West to that new Kendrick Lamar to that new Slaughterhouse to throwbacks from Dilla, MOP and J-Live.

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder Mix (4/06/2012)

[video] Ruste Juxx "Hardest From The Underground"

Sneakas ft. Bishop Lamont "Neighborhood Watch"

There have been a few artist to raise awareness about the Trayvon Martin situation but Serchlite is taking it one step further. Serchlite recording artist Sneakas recently linked up with Carson, CA rapper Bishop Lamont to record "Neighborhood Watch," produced by De Notes.

For every FREE download of this song from Complex, Serchlite MultiMedia is going to donate 5 cents per download to the Trayvon Martin fund being set up in Sanford, Florida by his parents. Donation will be capped at $10,000 for the first 200,000 downloads. Matching contributions can be made by contacting

DOWNLOAD Sneakas ft. Bishop Lamont "Neighborhood Watch" (prod. by De Notes)

[video] J The S ft. Greater Good & ANE "Higher Ground"

[video] Double "Road To Success"

RTD Playlist (Week of 4/6/2012)


Friday, April 06, 2012

Loiter Squad, EP2

[video] Dom O Briggs "Out Chea"

Taken from Always Inspire(d). Crewneck sweater by ToySldrs.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1

From DJ Cable: "For those not in the know, The League is a new DJ crew, made up of arguably the best DJs in the UK: DJ Bruce Wayne, the Dixon Bros, BBC 1Xtra's CJ Beatz, DJ G2, DJ Stylus, DJ Cavalry, DJ Complexion, Mikael Diaz, DJ Risco, Mr. Vee and myself. We've decided to make Good Friday officially Great Friday (see what we did there?) by dropping a 75 minute mixtape, full to the brim with turntable skills and top selections. Whether you're a fan of Hip Hop, Bass Music, House, Moombahton or simply great music, this is sure to get you in the party mood for the weekend and bank holiday."

Biz Mighty at Garden Variety (3/31/2012)

Fifteen minutes of fury. Dude's set is great, especially when he decides to scrap his line-up and asked J. Gainey to just drop a beat and let him spit. Dude's phenomenal. Forgive my camera phone.

A J.Y. Double Shot

Had no idea that J.Y. was teaming up with DJ Booth to drop The Slave Shift: Falling Up on the 16th of April. Here he is touching down on a few instrumentals. Word is The Slave Shift is not suffering from any push backs, so cechk back on the 16th for that one!

DOWNLOAD "Hands On The Wheel Freestle" | "Up! Freestyle"

blackrasslin podcast 026

Finally, Wrestlemania 28 is done... right? Nah, it's not done until I recap it. And that's what I do - go over my thoughts on the entire show, the following night's Raw, and news on Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner and waaaay early WM 29 bits. You already know.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 026

[video] Pavy "Kamikaze"

billy woods ft. Open Mike Eagle & MarQ Spekt "Frozen Sunlight"

I really fucks with this. What's deep is, this shit isn't even going to be on History Will Absolve Me. I just love the fuck out of this beat - especially when it touches into that reggae vibe. The horns in this jam. All three of these MCs do their fucking thing. How you fuck with real Hip-Hop and don't rock to this is beyond me...

DOWNLOAD billy woods ft. Open Mike Eagle & MarQ Spekt "Frozen Sunlight" (prod. by Willie Green)

[video] Shaz Illyork ft. Maffew Ragazino "Tango With The Cash"

[video] Doorway "Out There"

DOWNLOAD Doorway "Out There"

[video] Illa Ghee "Takin' Over"

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ca$h Out "Cashin' Out (Disc Jockey Nappy Bounce Remix)"

The boy Nappy has been in the studio cookin' up some serious crillz, and this remix features his original production. I could go on all day on how quickly neph has gotten his weight up, but you can hear it. Love how Ca$h Out's anthem rides over this track. Shit feels effortless. I believe Nappy has a project dropping tomorrow, and I KNOW the Thugstep Commission 3 project drops on 4/20. You ain't ready.

DOWNLOAD Ca$h Out "Cashin' Out (Disc Jockey Nappy Bounce Remix)"

Juan Epstein (4/05/2012)

 Aziz Ansari is one of the few return-guests to Juan Epstein (joining a group that includes Fat Joe, Q-Tip, Redman, Snoop Dogg and Noreaga). They do what they do, another hour of the funny, speaking on Aziz's forthcoming comedy special (which will be $5 via his website, ala Louis CK). Shouts to @klept0 for the sharebeast link! Go grab Dangerously Delicious.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (4/05/2012)

Legit "Fast Food For Thought"

Taken from AEMMP and Thelonious Martin's Class President EP, we get some new shit from Legit. I feel vindicated right now - damn right. I been hyping both of these dudes over the last few years, and I probably look like a weird old head in the corner to them, but fuck it, I been seen it. Some space-y shit right here, but he packs quite a punch through this one. Shouts to Ty at FSD for this one.

DOWNLOAD Legit "Fast Food For Thought" (prod. by Thelonious Martin, co-prod. by Will Rise)

[video] Planet Asia "Furniture"

[video] Jay Qwest ft. Boog Brown & Methuzulah "Offiseer"

#LeaveMeALoan Episode 1

Shouts to JSWISS: "In preparation for my upcoming mixtape "Out of State Intuition 2: Leave Me A Loan", which is dropping April 30, Thrill City clothing and PrimeTime Media & Entertainment present the #LeaveMeALoan video series, which will feature freestyles, new videos, and more leading up to the release. In episode 1 I take to The Pit, the most popular place on campus at my school, UNC-Chapel Hill, to spit a verse for a crowd of students."

Tommie Chase "Dead Man"

Not only is Tommie Chase a ZOMBIE, he's also a fucking thief. He straight up jacked a Hudson Mohawke riddim and fucking murdered it. I don't think I've heard him spit this ferocious before. Goddamn. Quick shot, too. But yeah you niggas ain't even spitting like this.

DOWNLOAD Tommie Chase "Dead Man"

[video] Maine Event "Dope!"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (4/04/2012)

The cast and crew of the Combat Jack show ft. Dallas Penn have crossed paths with the heads over at Complex, but this is the first time that Noah Callahan-Bever and Joe La Puma have been in the building. You already know they go in. The crew also wax poetic on fried chicken and niggas in commercials. You motherfuckers got Mary J. Blige apologizing for making two million, don't you? Anyways, another banger of an episode.

[video] Flinch ft. Heather Bright "Light It Up"

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

[video] Scoop "Small Thing To A Giant"

[video] Jay Mastermind "Are You Ready"

[video] NoEmotion "Genetic Genials"

L.A "Shut You Down"

Once again, it's on. L.A keeps it cerebral (as per usual) on this cut from The Lost Riots. My Lord. I wanna say it's her voice, but it's the words. The whole package is ill, and as she says, she puts her whole soul in it. If you ain't feeling this, you're flatlinig. Probably because homegirl shut you down. Catch up. L.A. Lytes coming soon as well.

DOWNLOAD L.A "Shut You Down"

[video] Skyzoo "Rocket Science"

REUPSPOT Presents F*ck Cancer

Talk about a cause I can get with. My Pop-Pop suffered from two forms of cancer, shit killed him, so I can totally get behind the ideal of "fuck cancer". Many of you might have friends, family members or whomever get ravaged by some form of cancer, and you know like I do: shit ain't easy. REUPSPOT has already helped form a cancer research team, which you can join and donate funds to, but they also sorted out this tape featuring heads like Scolla, Playboy Tre, Marky, Frank Ramz, Dee Goodz, K. Sparks, NatStar, Wordsmith, Yung Nate and plenty more, all dropping gems on the topic. Join the fight and sing the anthems. Props to REUP for this one.

DOWNLOAD REUPSPOT Presents F*ck Cancer

[video] Rashid Hadee ft. SPQHER "Just Wanna Live"

[video] Kid Static "Moonlight"

[video] Mouce "My Shoes"

[video] Craze & Codes "Deeper"

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

[video] Planet Asia "Street Clothes (Pt. 1)"

[video] Nitty Scott, MC "BullSh*t Rap"

[video] Tez McClain "Sittin' Back"

[video] Al-Kayduh "The Rush"

And if you haven't grabbed it, go download Al's Frame of Reference mixtape.

[video] B-Luckz ft. Ceez ABG & Mr. Fickle "Hip Hop Life"

Jansport J - MoveMeants II: The Reprise

Today marks the release of the follow-up to Jansport J's 2010 MoveMeants, MoveMeants II: The Reprise. I've been rocking to select cuts from this over the last month or so, and you need get your mind right and grab a copy of this, either digital or physical. Love the way Jansport flips sounds you've definitely heard before.And I'm no rapper, but I'm trying to spit to some of these. LOL. Fucks with it, though.

[video] AP the MAYOR ft. Dre Skuffs & Clark "Boeing"

[video] Vwala & D1n.ONLY "Change Up"

[video] Big S.I.N. ft. Tinka "Price Of Fame"

[video] MiLKMEN ft. A.Jay.D "Dope Dealer"

[video] Munchi ft. Angel Doze "La Brasileña Ta Montao"

DJ Mayday - Spring 2012 Promo (Part 1)

Totally made this mix happen. Mayday is the homey, and is beyond impressive on the decks. I pressured (yelled at?) her into making a new mix, and after a serious record shopping session, she turned this one in. Spans DnB, Tech-House, Jungle, Dubstep, Grime, UK Funky, Garage and other forms of bass music. Fucks with this, trust me.

Monday, April 02, 2012

[video] Nemo Achida "Candy & Flowers"

J. Gainey Presents: Acid Beats & Mushroom Beats

My Lord! J. Gainey is one dope-ass producer. I threw this on and got immediately sucked in by the first cut. On his latest free beat project, Acid Beats & Mushroom Beats, Gainey goes from a more acid-y, dance-y groove forward to the more chill side of things. With his signature brand of proper funk thrown in. This is some shit to really put on and slide in to. Might need to take something to open your third eye, and just live life to. Seriously. If you're sleeping on these, you're fucking up.

DOWNLOAD J. Gainey Presents: Acid Beats & Mushroom Beats

[video] ForteBowie "Feel It All Around"

Another track over the Portlandia theme. Love that sound.

Curly Castro "Bunk"

Being that I converse with this Philly crew from time to time, I know that these cats go ham for The Wire. On this dedication to one of the seminal characters of the show, Bunk, Curly Castro brings that sly, learned cool to this Small Professor track. It's a thing of excellence, something that is distinct in it's voice, but in repeated listens, you pick up on the subtle nuances and really pick up the gems that got left around - like any good detective should.
DOWNLOAD Curly Castro "Bunk" (prod. by Small Pro)

Side-B TV, Episode 2

Makin' Moves With Phil Jackson, Episode 2

Side-B Radio (4/01/2012)

Great episode of Side-B Radio here. Not only did Rich Quick (alongside Benja Styles) stop by for an interview in relation to I'm With The DJ's release, but we got the introduction of the "Side Beatz" segment, where producers have their beats played live on the show (DJ Ment Plus had some BANGERS). J. Gainey also runs down this past Saturday's Garden Variety show, which was awesome. Loads of great Hip-Hop on this as well. You already know. Shouts to Phil and Divine Drummah. I'll be posting Episode 2 of Side-B TV a little later on today, too. Them brothers are putting in WORK!

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (4/01/2012)

[video] Tef Poe "Can I Ball"

Taken from Tef's P.O.E. mixtape. Also check out his interview with XXL.

[video] Mr. J. Medeiros "Pale Blue Dot"

FuseBox Radio (Week of March 28th, 2012)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Perry Porter & ICBM - Paper Moon

Slum Village & Mick Boogie - The Dirty Slums

WrestlemaniaMania Part 2

WrestlemaniaMania 1

One hour to go!

[video] Rashid Hadee "Man's Best Friend"

Rich Quick - I'm With The DJ

Been waiting for this one, and goddamn is it worth it! Rich Quick is the truth, straight up and down. I got an advanced copy of this yesterday and rocked to it on the way to the Garden Variety show, and was thoroughly impressed. I've known Quick was a great MC, but the level of versatility in his rhymes? You really see it in this tape. He rips a grip of great beats, one of my favorits being "Me & The Biz", which he did with an MC named Biz Mighty, who I definitely had no idea about, but truly impressed me at the GV show last night (more on that in the next day or so). Don't sleep on this one, trust we. You won't be disappointed.

DOWNLOAD Rich Quick - I'm With The DJ

[video] Stalley ft. Rick Ross "Party Heart"

DOWNLOAD Stalley Savage Journey to the American Dream

2 Hungry Bros. - Hunger Monster 2012

Rob from 2 Hungry Bros. sent this over: "I ran through a bunch of unused samples and breaks and sounds and put this together while watching my son. Don't call ACS, the boy isn't high maintenance and i fed him and all during the process. But it works like a mix rather than a beat. Enjoy".

DRAMA j & iLL Cosby - #GotSoul?

DIBIA$E - The Dust Down Under

Sinitus Tempo - Journey

Patrice McBride - iLLmanik

Azage - Coming Out

[video] Zulu Faz ft. John Anthony "Funky Fresh"

[video] Willie the Kid ft. Marvo "Turn It Down"

Lyle Horowitz - Honeycomb Hideout