Saturday, April 14, 2012

[video] SEEK "6 Dayz Of Torture"

[video] Britton Morgan "Castles"

DOWNLOAD Britton Morgan "Castles"

[video] Rashid Hadee "Greatest Mother Ever"

[video] True Prospeks "Tell Everyone Ya Know"

DOWNLOAD True Prospecks Trapper's Delight

[video] Race of the Primeridian "Gyrations"

[video] Gerald Walker "Um, Excuse Me"

[video] Illmaculate "Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads"

Neak - Love Greater // The Prequel (Deluxe Album)

[video] SNS "Escalators"

[video] J. Lately ft. Jern Eye "Put Something On It"

[video] Quelle Chris "Live Alone Die"

Quantum Leap & Juice references in one sitting? #Allwins

[video] Lute "80Proof"

Small Professor "The Old Eleven"

maticulous - In Transit

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Flux Pavilion (4/14/2012)

Flux Pavilion lays down the bass on the world’s favourite mix show.  Joshua Steele, aka Flux Pavilion, is the co-founder of Circus Records along with Doctor P. He was nominated in the BBC’s Sound of 2012 poll. His track ‘I Can’t Stop’ was sampled on Jay Z and Kanye West’s album ‘Watch The Throne’. And he’s about to release the first single ‘Daydreamer’ featuring Example with a debut album to follow.

Skream & Benga - The Dubstep Show (4/14/2012)

Dismantle is on the phone to select his entry for A History of Bass in 100 Tracks and Tim Westwood’s Moisture Moment gets Showjacked by the boys.  Then things get slowed down for 130 and 11:30, where they showcase their favourite house tracks of the minute. And for the last half an hour there’s only music and no chat for the Slammers and Bangers mix!  Bass, beats and banter for two hours with Skream and Benga.

RTD Playlist (Week of April 13th, 2012)


MarQ Spekt ft. Lex Boogie "Rum Punch"

My kind of tune right here, nahmean? Trenton is heavy with West Indians, and the Reggae/Dancehall sounds blast just as heavy as Hip-Hop does. This is serious bass-driven banger from School of Sharks, which Spekt says is dropping this Summer. Smoke something to this.

DOWNLOAD MarQ Spekt ft. Lex Boogie "Rum Punch" (prod. by Mr. Enok)

[video] Roccett ft. Don Primo "Holla When You See Me"

I rocks with this. Might be my anthem this Spring.

Mega Ran ft. Tribe One & Jermiside "Miles Morales"

Been on kind of a comic book kick since, well, I got my Kindle Fire last year, but as of late (because of Avengers vs. X-Men), I've been nerding out, but if you're not rocking to the new Ultimate Spider-Man, with the half-Black/half-Spanish Spider-Man?!?! You're messing up. Mega Ran links with Tribe One & Jermiside for this special jawn. Jerm and Ran got an EP on the way, and Ran hit $6K on his Kickstarter, so they dropped this cut that's influenced by my new favorite lil' kid ass hero.

DOWNLOAD Mega Ran ft. Tribe One & Jermiside "Miles Morales"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wyclef Jean "Justice" x I AM

DOWNLOAD Wyclef Jean "Justice"

Shouts to Prescribed.

Jon Connor - The People's Rapper (hosted by Don Cannon)

Shouts to Jon Connor on his birthday. I'm hoping you guys are already in the know with his lyrical ability, but if not, take this gift (to us!) as a welcome change from the norm. Executive produced and hosted by Don Cannon. You already know!

DOWNLOAD Jon Connor - The People's Rapper (hosted by Don Cannon) [mirror]

blackrasslin podcast 027

Another week down. I had some words for #hiphoptwitter on this one, as well as a (regular) recap of Raw and a (short) recap of Super Smackdown, as well as the latest news, including bits on The Bella Twins. I was in a mood with the music this week, fucks with it.Get that rasslin' fix!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 027

Aleon Craft - Mothership Decatur (The Thugstep Edition)

Been waiting for this one to drop. I had been trying for a bit to get someone to work those Aleon Craft tracks inna THUGSTEP vein, and was glad that SMKA and Nappy linked up. Nappy brought in Santi Junior, who takes the bulk of these remixes and really shows what he's worth (well, teases - dude's got some bangers on the way). This one flips tracks from Mothership Decatur and slyly plays the futuristic spaceship funk into a different zone entirely. You already know. Some great shit for a lovely Friday the 13th, trust.

DOWNLOAD Aleon Craft - Mothership Decatur (The Thugstep Edition)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

[video] Kyle Rapps "Streets Move On"

Apex ft. Ayah "Space Between (Sinistarr Remix)"

Last weekend, I started having some deep/dope conversations with a producer out of the Detroit area by the name of Sinistarr. I've known about him for the last four/five years, as any Black DnB producers out of the US rarely miss my inbox. We've had a cool rapport, and I've seen him grow from getting tunes signed to Fabio's Creative Source imprint to having bits drop on Metalheadz and Hospital Records. He's been in a different space, and is moving into different BPMs, and this is one of his first in the 165BPM range. You might have heard of the juke/footwork styles coming from Chicago and Detroit, and this remix of an Apex track (with beautiful vocals from Ayah) that Hospital released is a great example of that footwork sound. Pounding kicks and thumping bass are two of the staples of this sound, and it's been taking over as of late. Hell, Disc Jockey Nappy and Juke Ellington even have a footwork tape dropping soon... as will Nappy and Sinistarr. In any case, grab this free remix, and if you're messing with the sound, there's PLENTY more where this came from!

DOWNLOAD Apex ft. Ayah "Space Between (Sinistarr Remix)"

Garden Variety (4/28/2012)

Not only does it never stop - it returns outside! The one year anniversary of the Garden Variety shows taking place in Trenton (yes, it's been a year!) is going down April 28th at The Galamo! Featured acts include A Crew Called Listen, Steve Smiff, Moe Fit, Bo Jangelz, Silent Treatment, Popa Chief and more. DJ Ahmad and Latebloomer will be on the decks, with Divine Drummah & J. Gainey on the beats. Need Jersey to come out and support this one. Hit the Facebook to interact, and I'll see you there!

[video] Sene "The Feel Reel"

[video] Willie The Kid "Die Free"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (4/11/2012)

This episode is epic. Not only does Just Blaze officially join the Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn crew, but the one and only DJ Premier stops in for a great interview. They go in on everything, from Preemo's thoughts on Guru, Christina Aguilera, porn and "pause", but thoughts on his forthcoming projects (he does say the rumored project with Nas is going to happen). Even Bun B and Freddie Foxxx call into the show on the random. Ain't no other show fucking with what they're building. Don't believe me? Peep the iTunes podcast, which has been updated with all of the past shows (save a couple few few). #GetReadyForCombat


Loiter Squad, EP3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three Six Mafia "Who Gives A Fuck Where You From (Disc Jockey Nappy Remix)"

Nappy ain't playing fair. I mean, I converse with dude more than anyone, save for my wife, so I have a good idea of the crack he's been cooking. And for some reason, the remix work he's doing with Three Six Mafia tracks has always killed shit. This is the first one of his official productions (which I have a feeling just recently got sorted out) over a Triple Six track, and it's fucking nasty. Has that great bounce that also rides the bass music low-end. DJ Paul wished he had tracks this heavy, trust.

DOWNLOAD Three Six Mafia "Who Gives A Fuck Where You From (Disc Jockey Nappy Remix)"

[video] STS "Come Back Kid"


[video] J NiCS "Talk It"

Southern Niggas Ain't Sow: The Product drops April 23rd.

DJ Nappy Interviews Borgore

This one is a Generation Bass exclusive. See a different side of Borgore in this than the wild and crazy side you see of him. Shouts to the heads at Prescribed for the footage.

[video] RoQ'y TyRaiD "Year Round School"

[video] D-Black "No Ordinary Love"

Produced by Illmind.

[video] Benga "I Will Never Change"

I doesn't look like the track's waveform, but that's the image I got.

[video] Marvel The Gr8 "She's A Fox"

Not totally sold on dude's voice, but I like the Jungle vibe of this track. And the video tells a story, with humor. Check it out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smoke ft. Gorilla Zoe vs. Hudson Mohawke "Going Hammer (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

I literally called Nappy while he was in the midst of finishing this one. He flipped my favorite recent Hudson Mohawke jawn with this Smoke track. The beginning of this track is so epic, and the track is just like - fuck it's perfect. THUGSTEP for you slowpokes. Imma keep saying it, Thugstep Commission 3 coming soon!

DOWNLOAD Smoke ft. Gorilla Zoe vs. Hudson Mohawke "Going Hammer (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

EDIT Here's a new Cartoon refix:


Chase & Status ft. Sub Focus & Takura "Flashing Lights (Mac Miller Remix)"

Nope, I've never been a fan of Mac Miller. I do remember hearing a Chase & Status mix from BBC Radio 1Xtra where they spoke on Mac and how much they dug his music. I'm guessing that admiration lead to this version of "Flashing Lights", which features some lyrics from Mac in a few spots. Yeah, keep telling me that dubstep and Hip-Hop together doesn't make sense. Shouts to Disc Jockey Nappy, Thugstep Commission 3 is on the way!

DOWNLOAD Chase & Status ft. Sub Focus & Takura "Flashing Lights (Mac Miller Remix)"

[video] billy woods "Duck Hunt"

[video] Fresh Daily "G.G.G (Okay Okay)"

DJ Premier x The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (4/11/2012)

Tomorrow night is about to be so official. Combat Jack has been telling yall weekly that the first Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn in front of a live audience is going down tomorrow. Not only is the newest member, Just Blaze, going to be in the building, but DJ Premier is the special guest! IT NEVER STOPS! Special time, 7PM to 10PM. This is major. or via mobile, let's go!

[preview] Soul Of The Message (4/20/2012)

Going down on the 20th of April. Support!

Rickie Jacobs "Asperger Syndrome"

Rickie kinda goes crazy with this one. I'm no expert on Asperger's at all, but I don't get mad at Rickie going in on this dark one. Rip Knoxx cooked up a cinematic one for Rickie to expel some of those demons on. Get into this one, but don't get shook by how it opens up. Shouts to BMXXX for this one.

DOWNLOAD Rickie Jacobs "Asperger Syndrome" (prod. by Rip Knoxx)

Side-B Radio (4/08/2012)

Side-B doesn't stop for Easter! This past Sunday's show featured Ms. Kade Merab discussing a new project she has going on, as well as Big Ooh and the 5th Ave. Boiz stopping in studio. Side Beatz goes down again, and the two producers featured bring some heat rocks. You already know!

[video] Haze Po ft. JS "Make It Happen"

DOWNLOAD Haze Po ft. JS "Make It Happen"

[video] J.Good "Laura's Ode"

Yung B Da Producer x J.Nolan

3rd official single from The Manifest Movement's "Dreams Manifest" compilation. This is an A-Side, B-Side release. A: Yung B Da Producer- HabiTz of Da DeaD. B: J.Nolan- Dear Moleskin (free-verse) over Jay Electronica's instrumental of the same name.

BLAX "Internet Sex"

Before the video drops, Q gave the OK for this one to get leaked. Taken from BLAX x LIFE x FILES (which The Mad Bloggers presented with RTD), this one does exactly what it says on the tin. Almost like a manual on how to get your rocks off via the Internets. Although I gotta say, there's nothing like sex IRL. Bites > Bytes. Lush one right here, regardless.

DOWNLOAD BLAX "Internet Sex"

Monday, April 09, 2012

Odd Future At Paid Dues 2012

[video] King Magnetic "Pop"

Disc Jockey Nappy In Philly (4/17/2012)

Nappy alongside Space Jesus and Skytree. $7 at Silk City in Philly, 21+. You already know.

[video] Jon Connor "Hova Mojo"

The People's Rapper drops Friday, April 13th at 12PM.

[video] L.A. "I'm Alive"

Co-starring K-Dot Forbes. Taken from The L.A. Riots: Mental Fatality.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy - A Tribute To Gimpmode

Look at what the Easter Bunny dropped off. Been waiting for this one, too. Gimpmode, as you'll hear, was a sick THUGSTE P refixer who passed away last year. Gone too soon. I know he and Nappy had struck up a friendship, and Gimpmode's work had impacted Nappy greatly, so he felt the need to sort out this tribute mix for the man. Aside from Gimpmode refixes, you also get refixes from DJ Hipnotikk, Daddy's Money, Trap Or Dub, Santi Junior and Nappy himself. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - A Tribute To Gimpmode

Dallas Penn On #AvX

I fucks with the points Dallas brings up in this one. Avengers vs. X-Men is major right now, and I fucks with X-Men on this as well. And fuck John Romita on the art (although I'm not THAT mad at Bendis. Pause.) But yeah, I hope we get more of these.

N.O.R.E. - Crack On Steroids

[video] Infinite Marvelous "Illusions"

[video] Christian'Dee "Remembered"

Dom McLennon - Higher Learning

[video] Ford Fairlane "Up In This Bitch"

[video] Radioinactive ft. La Caution & 2MEX "Mint Tea"

Scanz - Wake Up Call EP

FuseBox Radio (Week of April 4th, 2012)

[video] Zulu Faz "Midnight"