Saturday, April 21, 2012

Skream & Benga - The Dubstep Show (20/04/2012)

Roy Ayers Project Beat Submission Compilation, Vol. 3

[video] Quakers ft. Quite Nyce "Jobless"

Torae - Do The Math (Re-Produced) EP

Smokey and the Bandit - Spring 2012 Mix

Friday, April 20, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy - Thugstep Commission 3

Once again... it's on. Nappy continues with his Thugstep Commission series, with what I feel is the most fully realized mix yet. Not only do you get the huge remixes of Rap cuts from Waka Flocka, Drumma Boy, Big Sean, A$AP Rocky and others from Nappy, Santi Junior, SoundBoy Pussy, Vaski and more, but we get some monstrous cuts from Monstar, Hizzleguy, Aleon Craft, Proper Villains, among others. We ever get two cuts featuring original production, including Elucid's "You Ain't Even Know", which is dropping on Street Bass Anthems 5, and legit broke Nappy's windows. I don't know what your vice is, but it's 4/20, so I imagine you're chiefing something. Pack that bowl / bong / pipe up, light your dutch, and sip that brew. This is one to get rowdy to. Shouts to @_def for the artwork and @ClubTapes for the hosting!

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - Thugstep Commission 3

Black Collar Biz "Soul of the Message"

You saw the video for this earlier this week, and I figured I'd drop the track today, as the Soul of the Message event goes down TONIGHT at the 219 Gallery in Trenton. The boy Biz has been a big supporter of the local Trenton Arts scene, and will be performing at the event tonight. He flips Jay Electronica's "Dear Moleskine" instrumental into a nice theme for this event. Dude's wise beyond his years - enjoy this one.

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz "Soul of the Message"

blackrasslin podcast, episode 028

I might've been running on fumes, or just didn't have as much to talk about, but this week we do a cool 39 minutes. Still went over an uneven Raw, previewed what we know about this month's Extreme Rules PPV so far, and dipped into a bit of news. Some dope Hip-Hop is included as well. What more can I say?

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 028

Vixion Allure "To The Moon"

Haven't posted some new Vixion Allure in a minute, and for that, I will blast this one right in your face. Wild mash of pulsating drums and an infectious guitar. Samik The Symphony went in on this one, and Allure ain't playing. She matched the intergalactic vibe of the beat with her lyrics. It's 4/20, so you might wanna blast off to this one.

DOWNLOAD Vixion Allure "To The Moon" (prod. by Samik The Symphony)

The Highest Grade

Word is this contains "all the reggae weed anthems you know, forgot about and the best you never heard". Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

DOWNLOAD The Highest Grade

[video] Crusa "Coffee Shop"

[video] Ab-Soul "Pineal Gland"

TheKey Studio Sessions: Chill Moody

[video] Epiphany "Untouchable"

DOWNLOAD Epiphany ft. Arkansas Bo, Marion White, Jerren Benton & SeanFresh "Untouchable (Remix)"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exploring Future Beats (19/04/2012)

Unexpected. Benji B does his usual thing, and has the one and only Syd the Kid in-studio for a chat and a mix! She drops a lot of dope shit, from Outkast to Frank Ocean to Katy B to Toro y Moi. Love that style.

DOWNLOAD Exploring Future Beats (19/04/2012)

[video] STS "Good Intentions"

Thelonious Martin On Class President

Class President drops 4/27/2012.

[video] Copywrite ft. Genesis Elijah, Mystro & Iron Braydz "Royal Flush"

[video] Chance The Rapper "Brain Cells"

Mister Cee - Guru Tribute Mix (4/19/2012)

Mister Cee goes in (as he should) for the memory of Guru, who passed away two years ago today. Today also marks my 10 year anniversary with my wifey (love you, ma) and Cipha Sounds' birthday. Peace and blessings to one and all. Blast this one for Guru one time. Via IFWT.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee - Guru Tribute Mix (4/19/2012)

Capone: "Save The Atelier"

I'm still amazed that Capone was at the last Garden Variety. My boy Black Collar Biz posted some video of Capone speaking on the possibility of losing the Trenton Atelier. #WENOTMOVING

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (4/18/2012)

Hopefully you guys already know Neal Brennan's name from Chappelle's Show, as he helped create that (and Half Baked and a number of other projects). These days, I hope you're fucking with The Champs, his podcast, which recently got a nice boost with an episode featuring ?uestlove - it's a great podcast, trust me. Combat Jack asked Neal to be on the show, and not only did he go in about the whole Chappelle debacle, but Neal learns the pause game! No Dallas Penn this week (he's out timesharing I believe), but Just Blaze is on deck and you already know it's going down. It never stops!

The Eye Of New Jersey Episode 7

First I heard of this series, shouts to Pryme Prolifik.

[video] Rashid Hadee "The Coolest Chic"

[video] Noisia "Could This Be"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Redd Sessions #1 With Black Collar Biz

[video] Lazurus "Intro"

This track is taken from Millie Vaughn's The Millie Tape.

[video] Small Eyez "Mercy"

[preview] Think Like A Man: The Soundtrack

If you know me, you know that flicks like Think Like A Man aren’t exactly within my normal realm of film-watching, but with the likes of Taraji P. Henson, Regina Hall, Meagan Good, Kevin Hart, Gary Owen, Tony Rock and more in this one, I might check this one out with wifey – she’s warmed my tastes to movies dealing with matters of the heart… as long as I can laugh every once in a while. It drops this Friday, 20th of April,  but you can actually cop the soundtrack to Think Like A Man right now. You can’t escape Jennifer Hudson’s “Think Like A Man” single with Ne-Yo and Rick Ross if you mess with the radio right now, but the soundtrack has a lot of heat on it. New cuts from Keri Hilson and Kelly Rowland (who are both in the film) to classics like “That’s The Way Of The World” by Earth, Wind & Fire (who will be hitting Trenton, NJ in June) to joints from John Legend (with Ludacris), Future (no, not “Same Damn Time”!), X-Factor finalist Marcus Canty, Billy Wes and many more. In any case, this might be the grown and sexy date night movie for the weekend, and to get yourself ready for it, pop this one in on the car ride over, you feel me? Thank me later. You can preview tracks via iTunes or Amazon, and check out the full tracklist after the jump.

[video] Kyle Hubbard & Fullmetal F Dot "Around The Way"

[video] Eric Roberson "At The Same Time"

[video] Ras Kass & Doc Hollywood "I Wave"

Special Sundays Interviews Jansport J

Loiter Squad, EP4

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ethel Cee - Seven Thirty

This dropped at 7:30PM EST, but fuck Haj. He's lucky I fucks with Ethel Cee. She's the shit on the mic. Maybe she's the shit in real life, too - I don't know. She goes in, doe. And for $5? You're playing yourself if you aren't grabbing this one. "One Fifty" got play on WPRB 103.3 FM as well as on The Sixth Sense, so you should already know. Don't be an idiot, grab this!

K-AZE: Sampler 1

I'm not sure if you guys fuck with DnB like I do, or remember guys like Lemon D, who are truly one of the architects of the modern sound (alongside his Valve Music bredren Dillinja). He took a few years off to go into an entirely different direction, which resulted in him shedding his "Lemon D" moniker for a new name, K-AZE (which derives from the initials of his government name). He uploaded a 30 minute sampler of tracks that he has on the horizon, and he dips into everything from dubstep and R&B to that Flying Lotus/DIBIA$E lane (truth be told, the entire Valve sound is moving into multiple directions, with House, dubstep and more genres getting released). And the shit's definitely dope - I'm vibing to this right now! Check out more details via DOA, and keep it locked for more from K-AZE.

[video] Homeboy Sandman "Hold Your Head"

[video] Hasan Salaam "Miss America"

Freestyle In The Park: The New Class

Ruby Hornet cooked up a dope one here. MCs in the video include Legit, Chance The Rapper and Calez.

[video] The Jacka "We Out Here"

My man looks like Jadakiss uncle.

[video] Rio & Ca$ino "Crash Landing"

Fucking with this. Grab their Kooley-Flyy Alumni mixtape.

[video] Ill Legit & Race "Say It"

[video] NoEmotion "Urethra Franklin"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Darth Vador (the OGM) – NOFaces: Neon Black

NJ Street Klan member the OGM comes with some futuristic shit on this one, although you can find some throwback beats on this as well. NJ Rebels members and the homey Elete Wright make appearances. Some shit to get you through the night, trust.

DOWNLOAD Darth Vador (the OGM) – NOFaces: Neon Black

[video] Rome Cee ft. Matth & Ill Conscious "Something Beyond Part 2"

You can cop the deluxe edition of Rome Cee's Grey Area via iTunes.

Danny! "Long Time Comin'"

The release of Payback is a long time coming. Hell, me hearing the album in it's entirety has been a long time coming (and I'm STILL waiting). Getting co-signs from guys like Jay-Z and ?uestlove seem to have been a long time coming for Danny! as well. Riding over some live-sounding drums and dope organs (which always feel like fire to me), Danny Swain speak on all of this. This cut is said to be from the Japanese import version of Payback. I just wanna hear the American version.

DOWNLOAD Danny! "Long Time Comin'"

Side-B Radio (4/15/2012)

Another dope episode from Phil and Divine. Loads of dope new Hip-Hop, a new edition of "Side Beatz" and the usual banter and funny. You can't go wrong, trust me.

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (4/15/2012)

[video] The Niceguys "Overtoast"

[video] Black Collar Biz "Soul Of The Message"

Soul Of The Message is going down in Trenton on the 20th of April. Be There.

[video] PremRock & Willie Green ft. Open Mike Eagle "Jogger"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Black EL x Durkin "Mission Control (Chopped x Screwed)"

Dave Raps - AKA Dave Ruffin

NatStar - #ArtWithNoEasel

Various Artists - Intelligent Design

ANTHM - When We Were Kings

DJ Iron Mike - I'm About To Go Bacon (Part One)

Ethel Cee x Dumhi - Coke & Yoga

From Ethel Cee: "Coke & Yoga is a song that I have wanted to write for some years now. The hook has been floating around in my head for at least two years, and I always hoped that one day this story would find a good home. I have a few friends who live out in Los Angeles and one in particular who is from there. I remember hearing descriptions of some of L.A.’s residents. You could meet someone with fake tits, fake lips and a fake ass but they are vegan or on some kind of macrobiotic diet. I found this to be equal parts hilarious and intriguing. So when I say ‘Hey L.A.’ in the hook, I am basically saying hello to the only group of people I thought could understand how two things so diametrically opposed could exist in the same life. I felt like L.A was where I probably belonged. They would get it. They wouldn’t judge. It described me perfectly. I mean, what kind of person does coke and then gets up and goes to yoga class the next day? Who DOES that shit? Hot mess.Both cocaine and yoga came into my life about the same time. I still do yoga. The coke had to go. I liked it way too much and I didn’t want to go down the road of addiction. I’ve seen firsthand what that looks like and It. Is. Ugly. So I stopped cold turkey while I was still in control. Yay, me. I can say it is probably the most personal song I have ever written and released aside from ‘Good To You’ and ‘Bury the Hatchet’. Everything is an accurate account of what was happening at the time".

DOWNLOAD Ethel Cee x Dumhi - Coke & Yoga

OBX & DJ TechNeek - Middle Class Dreams/Blue Collar Schemes

Casey Veggies - Customized Greatly 3

The Hasselhoff Beat Tape

FuseBox Radio (Week of Arpil 11th, 2012)

Cooly Wright - 12:00 AM EP