Saturday, April 28, 2012

[video] OBX & Tech-Neek "Everything"

[preview] Noreaga & Scram Jones vs. Brian McKnight

I'm assuming Nore's naming this song "Pussy Works". Love how Scram used that sample. Word is the final will be posted on Can't wait.

SMKA Presents A Kato Production

AEMMP Records Presents Class President

J NiCS - Southern Niggas Ain't Slow: The Product

Sir Watson "HighLife"

Not sure who Sir Watson is, although in doing a bit of Internets research, I found he reps Maryland. He's got a tape, American Dream, due out in July, and if it sounds like this, I'm all about it. Forreal though. +2 if you can spot the sample in this. Pour something up to this.

DOWNLOAD Sir Watson "HighLife"

Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose ft. Chordz Cordero "Priceless"

Been a minute since I've heard some new ish from Mazzi, and with his forthcoming Digital Diggin EP, I think I'm gonna be happy with the next chapter. He's flippin' lyrics over some of his favorite beats and obscure loops, and real dusty finger generals know the track used on this one. Shouts to Mazzi for bringing Chordz Cordero over this one. Beautiful track here.

DOWNLOAD Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose ft. Chordz Cordero "Priceless"

Corey Black - State of the Art

Dallas Penn Reviews #AvX Issue 2

#FuckRomita! I'm with you, @Dallas_Penn!

DJ Mickey Knox - Lost In The 90s, Pt. 3

Dutch New York: My Life, EP1

[video] Crystal Seth "We Can Go"

Not mad about anything in this video.

DOWNLOAD Crystal Seth ft. Beedie "We Got It"

RTD Playlist (Week of 4/27/2012)


Friday, April 27, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy x Juke Ellington - The Fate of Footwork

Footwork is a genre I've fucked with for a bit. It rolls around 160 BPM, has a grip of kicks thrown in and in that tempo, you can flip all kinds of shit. Nappy kicks off his fourth mixtape of the month of April with this one with Juke Ellington, mixing both Juke's cuts along with tracks Juke handpicked. Dope look into this scene (which some of you may know as juke, btw). Fucks with this, and grab the rest of Nappy's tapes from ClubTapes, trust. And if you're good (and I'm lucky) another project in this vein should be dropping in the future...

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy x Juke Ellington - The Fate of Footwork

[video] Super N.E.S. "Introducing N.E.S."

DOWNLOAD Super N.E.S. "Introducing N.E.S." (prod. by Nick Wiz)

Calculon - Dystopia Promomix

Calculon's touching the decks in Oakland, California at Dystopia tonight, and sorted out this mix to help promote it. It's a mixture of stuff he's been digging, including a heavy dose of footwork/juke styles. One take, no edits. Go in, fam!

[video] Snow Tha Product "Starry Eyed"

If you're not up on Snow, get familiar. She does her thing.

JSWISS "Who Run It"

The boy JSWISS is dropping Out of State Intuition 2: Leave Me A Loan on Monday (with sponsors Thrill City and PrimeTime Media & Entertainment), and he has a dope cut to get your weekend started with. He produced this, flipping the SWAT theme. Like how he cooked this up, and he spits atop and in between this one. Fucks with this and look out for that.

[video] Nas "The Don"

Wasn't expecting this video. Figured they'd have more of the shots switching with the beat. It's more "don" and less gutter feel. Just saying. Still fucks with this track.

The Plexiglass Fountain "Bloody Idiotz"

New single from The Plexiglas Foundation, taken from their Year of the Dragon (2012 A.D.) album, which should be out in the next couple of months. Some heavy mental here, love the beat on this one as well.

DOWNLOAD The Plexiglass Fountain "Bloody Idiotz"

Dead Rebel Society "Cash'n Out"

Another cut from them NJ Street Klan niggas, with Al-Kayduh & Krash Battle going ham and eggs over that "Cash'n Out" track. You can't deny that one, and hearing Al and Krash coast over this? Makes me wanna go grab a Solo cup and pour something in it. Definitely not that "be at work" type of flex, unless you work in a club full of strippers. Well, that or a casino. #cashnout

DOWNLOAD Dead Rebel Society "Cash'n Out"

blackrasslin podcast, episode 29

I know #hiphoptwitter is fake-loving WWE right now, mainly because of Brock Lesnar. We recap all the shit from this week: the three-hour Raw, preview/predictions on this Sunday's Extreme Rules PPV and a shitload of news, from Hulk Hogan to the WrestleMania 28 DVD contents. It don't stop.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 29

Exploring Future Beats (26/04/2012)

After having Syd the Kid on last week, Benji B brings in Clams Casino for a special mix of instrumentals, from shit you know to a grip of unreleased. As well as the usual leftfield shit, including cuts from this cat Mono/Poly that Nappy put me on to. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Exploring Future Beats (26/04/2012)

Beats and Beautiful Music EP1: !llmind

[video] Jon Hope "Rhode Less Traveled"

[video] Redman & Ready Roc "Sour Deezal"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

[video] DeuceZ "Bragging Rights"

This is taken from DeuceZ's Bragging Rights EP, which was produced by BroadNMarket. Get up on the other leaks, "Misunderstood" + "Glow" + "Fool's Gold 2 (Gold Medals)" via OutrageousAshley (who is presenting the EP on April 30th).

[video] N.O.R.E. ft. Styles P & Raekwon "Google That"

Digital Soundboy On Rinse.FM (25/04/2012)

Big up to Shy FX for taking over the latest edition of the Digital Soundboy show, playing strictly Ragga / Dancehall / Skankin' vibes. Loads of pure '90s flavor. If that's your zone, you need to check this one out!

DOWNLOAD Digital Soundboy On Rinse.FM (25/04/2012)

[video] Sean Born "Lights On"

One of my favorite tracks from Behind The Scale. I had a feeling this was going to get the visual treatment at some point.

The Combat Jack Show (4/25/2012)

The Combat Jack Show (still featuring Dallas Penn) is in a state of flux. Nothing bad, but with Just Blaze joining the fold, and the high power guests, and are trying to make sure they get right. This week they featured a guy who was one of my favorite DJs before I graduated high school, A-Trak, who's now a darling of Internets and hipsters alike. Another top-notch show, but you already know!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (4/25/2012)

[video] MCMF "Patience"

DOWNLOAD MCMF "Patience" | I Can Rap drops May 29th.

[video] Raekwon ft. L.E.P. Bogus Boys "This Shit Hard"

Can this be the last video where niggas cookin' crack, doe?

[video] The ILLZ "Faded"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thelonious Martin - COLORS

The boy Thelonious Martin reached 3000 followers on twitter and let this 10-track instrumental project go. Thanks, dog! Shouts to TastemakersNJ as well.

DOWNLOAD Thelonious Martin - COLORS

[video] M.E.D. ft. Hodgy Beats "Outta Control"

[video] 431 ft. Charlie Wan "Broadway"

[video] Phonte ft. Evidence & Big K.R.I.T. "The Life Of Kings"

[video] medafORACLE ft. Mr. Miranda "Sweet Lady"

[video] Big Shug ft. Av'rex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot "Think Twice"

[video] Signif "Like My Style"

#LeaveMeALoan Episode 2

[video] Ess Vee "Victor Cruz"

J. Gainey Prof. Maad Scyintis Presents: Bounce Your Azz Off!!

The boy J. Gainey introduces us to his Prof. Maad Scyintis alter ego, bringing you all kinds of bounce for that ass. No sad faces on this one, or empty cups. Get to moving!

DOWNLOAD J. Gainey Prof. Maad Scyintis Presents: Bounce Your Azz Off!!

Loiter Squad, EP5

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Side-B Radio (4/22/2012)

Hollywood FLOSS TV, EP1: Kidd The Great

Not mad at that verse spit from the whip.

[video] Neak "Runnin' Right Back"

[video] DJ Fresh ft. Dizzee Rascal "The Power"

Juan Epstein (4/23/2012)

Erick Sermon returns to Juan Epstein. Hell, 'nuff said. They go from old school to dealing with quality for MP3s for the new school (I hope you new schoolers are listening). Sermon was one of my favorites growing up. He still doing it! And he drops some gems... shouts to @AreaFY for the helpout.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (4/23/2012)

[video] SL Jones & DJ Burn One "D.A.R.E."

[video] Slaughterhouse "Hammer Dance"

[video] M@rv3lou$ "Loud Pledge"

Monday, April 23, 2012

[preview] The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (4/25/2012)

Should be a movie. Via, art by @theotisjones.

Hollywood Floss "Lights Out"

And out of nowhere, Floss reemerges with a new one, like he just stepped back onto the red carpet. Linking up with the one like Chris Rockaway, this truly plays like some theme music/re-entry into the scene for no real reason. Homey has his bars in tact on here as well, you might have to reload this one to catch all of the lines he has on here. No word on what homey has dropping next, but it sounds like he's looking past your level, onward and upward.

DOWNLOAD Hollywood Floss "Lights Out" (prod. by Chris Rockaway)

Buddy Leezle x Clams Casino "I Do This"

The boy Buddy Leezle gets an official co-sign from me and mine. Dude's got the leftfield ear, rocking over dubstep and other wild instrumentals, and over this Clams Casino right here? Dude's really showing me something. Philly Polo heads, stand up. Need more MCs like this, willing to rock over shit that heads aren't really checking for. Word is he has a few jawns on deck, Camouflage & Acidwash and Neon Kusch. Wait for those, trust!

DOWNLOAD Buddy Leezle x Clams Casino "I Do This"

Suga Suga "Studio Trap (Disc Jockey Nappy Remix)"

Song about grinding, remixed by one of the most slept-on grinders out there. I know there's haters out there thinking "how in the fuck did Thugstep Commission 3 do 11K views already". Grind. Slow burn. By the end of 2012, if this nigga ain't on your lips, you're fucking up. Nappy's production game is a problem right now.

DOWNLOAD Suga Suga "Studio Trap (Disc Jockey Nappy Remix)"

Juan Epstein (4/18/2012)

Definitely missed this one. Noreaga returns to Juan Epstein, and they break down a lot of ish: I had no idea that Rosenberg was in on that Hip Hop Squares shit that MTV has been doing. Of course, Nore is Nore. Shit gets crazy. Enjoy this.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (4/18/2012)

RTD Playlist (Week of 4/20/2012)

In a post I'll drop in the near future, I wasn't around to knock out the weekly Playlist last week. I don't even feel up to posting each track individually, but I still sorted out a .zip for you to download. Imagine all of the shit you liked from this week, in an ~800MB file. Enjoy it. Lots of 4/20 in this.

[video] Wyclef Jean "Justice"

[video] Squeegie O "Awkward Fuck"

Produced by The Custodian of Records. Taken from Dao Lockman Vs. The World.

[video] Poet Substratum & DJ MentPlus ft. El Da Sensei & Venomous2000 "Grind Time Daily"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

El Carnicero - Top 5 Quick Mix (Week of 4/22/2012)

5 dope tracks..under 8 minutes...nothing fancy on the mixing...start your week off right...

Nefarious! - The Dream Theory

Mike Classic - Where Amazing Happens

[video] Uno Hype "Train of Thought"


Wordsmith - Prelude To The King

FuseBox Radio (Week of April 18th, 2012)

[video] Marcus Love & Rogerst Charles "Spiderman"

[video] Pavy ft. Vic Spencer, The Boy Illinois & JDP "Peer Pressure"