Saturday, May 05, 2012

[stream] Mayweather vs. Cotto (5/05/2012)

Skream & Benga - The Dubstep Show (05/05/2012)

Breakage is on the phone to select an entry into A History of Bass in 100 Tracks and the boys bring loads of dubstep exclusives!!  We ask the listeners for the filthiest bassline of the week in The Rib Rattler and then things get slowed down for ’130 At 11:30′ when the pair showcase their current favourite house tracks.  There are the usual Garage Shout Outs and for the last half an hour it’s only music and no chat for the Slammers & Bangers mix! Two hours of beats, bass and banter with Skream & Benga!

DOWNLOAD  Skream & Benga - The Dubstep Show (05/05/2012)

[video] Yasiin Bey, dead prez & Mike Flo "Made You Die"

[video] King Mez "Reign"

Dontrevius Wenters' Playoff Preview

JSWISS - Out of State Intuition 2: Leave Me A Loan

[video] Big K.R.I.T. "4evaNaDay (Theme)"

[video] Blak King "People's War"

NYC Grind Artist Spotlight: TJ Mizell

Interview with Jam Master Jay's son TJ. Via NYC Grind.

DeeJay 007 At Rutgers Camden Univ. w/ Travis Porter

007 LOVES his job!

Physical Graffiti "Natural Born Thinker"

It's been about a year since Thought Kryminal dropped, and Physical Graffiti has some ish on the forefront. Word is she's dropping a music film entitled Moments of Realization, which should feature the first half of Thought Kryminal (which means you should get to know this track). I love homegirl's pen game - seen her live a few times last year and I wanna see her perform more. No fear. Jersey murder. Fucks with this.

DOWNLOAD Physical Graffiti "Natural Born Thinker" (prod. by Grand Kemist)

[video] Dom O Briggs ft. ScienZe "Dope & Doper"

Nice little exclusive for you fucking dopers out there. Taken from Always Inspire(d). Hopefully you aren't sleeping. Both of these gentlemen go in. Fucks with it. Directed by aaronisnotcool. Crewneck by ToySldrs. Shouts to Cris Copasetik, who says this is the 2nd release of Dom O's Allen Iverson series - expect new videos and music all month until June 7th! Hit the jump.

Friday, May 04, 2012

RTD Playlist (Week of 5/04/2012)



I'm fucked up right now. Word is that MCA has passed away at 47, succombing to the cancer that he was diagnosed with in 2009. Don't be surprised if I'm not rocking to all new music this weekend. I grew up on the Beastie Boys, dog. Hell, they just got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (which airs on HBO tomorrow night). I wasn't the biggest fan of their newer material, but the old stuff? And MCA always had the older dude in the crew flavor. I liked each member of the Beasties for different reasons, but the older god vibe MCA gave off was the key. Damn. Check out MCA on Juan Epstein from four years ago, where he was talking about the ill b-ball movie he made, Gunnin' For That #1 Spot. Damn, I'm fucked up off this. Blast some Beasties, two times.

[video] i-EL - Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n' Roll

Jay Smooth On The Trayvon Martin Case

Fly Guys "Fly Guys With Glasses"

Not sure if I'd be considered a fly guy with glasses, but this cut from the Fly Guys (aka Kay of The Foundation and Tanya Morgan's Donwill) has to be somewhat of an anthem to me - right? Especially with this fly ass beat from The ARE. Looks like RappersIKnow should be/will be dropping a seven-track EP from these two in seven days. My Lord. Get your Dwayne Wayne on!

Juan Epstein (5/03/2012)

DOPE episode right here. Another one of those classic Juan Eps where you really get to learn about what makes someome tick. This one features both Romany Malco (who's featured in Think Like A Man, and you probably know from 40 Year Old Virgin, Weeds and other shows as "the Black dude") and comedian Anthony Jeselnik, who you probably know mainly from the Comedy Central roasts (Charlie Sheen's specifically). Take 85 minutes out of your day and enjoy this one. Shouts again to @AreaFY.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (5/03/2012)

blackrasslin podcast, episode 30

Heavy episode. If you ain't seen the sheer wealth of rasslin' news, you need this episode. WWE Extreme Rules recap, Raw recap, updates on Sabu, Buff Bagwell, Rey Mysterio and plenty more. And my favorite Hip-Hop for right now. Let's go.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 30

Danny! "Goodbye Love"

I believe "Long Time Comin'" was a Japanese import bonus track, from Payback, and word is "Goodbye Love" is off the UK import version. Like I said then, I just wanna hear the American version in its entirety. Danny! cooks up the ultime "suck my dick" song to the female that dithces before his stock rose. I imagine there might be a few fairweather friends blowing up his spot right now, so he can get this one off. Not mad at it, especially because Swain has a sound on this one that's stepped in that early '90s New Jack swing flavor, sonically. Payback coming soon?

DOWNLOAD Danny! "Goodbye Love"

[video] Jeff Spec "Elroy Jetson"

[video] Epiphany "Something To Tell Ya"

[video] ILLUS "Ready"

[video] G*E*D ft. See Tru & T*Weaponz "Don't Call It Pop (Gabriel Wizard's Call The Cops Electro Remix)"

DOWNLOAD G*E*D ft. See Tru & T*Weaponz "Don't Call It Pop (Gabriel Wizard's Call The Cops Electro Remix)"

[trailer] The Internet: the Feng Shui Experiment

The Internet is working on a project that they wanna Kickstart $15Gs to creat ethen give out for free. They're moving to Atlanta to get a different creative outlook. The process is being documented. I'm all about this.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Johnny Spanish "Supa Dope"

The boy Johnny Spanish does a dope track explaining how dope he is. Hopefully you fucking dopers already know about his shit. He really has been on a roll for the last four years, and I respect the fact that he can spit but throws his singing and different flavors into his music. Dope anthem for himself, nahmean? Word is he has this joint pegged for a project he's dropping this summer. Fucks with it.

DOWNLOAD Johnny Spanish "Supa Dope" (prod. by Ghost Beats)

[video] Jon Connor "No Thrillz"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (5/02/2012)

Newest/latest edition of the Combat Jack Show has everything: loads of #barbershopradio, covering the new Brooklyn Nets logo, Mighty Man and Yukk, the new Avengers movie and plenty more from the #CheatCodeBoys. Regular news, loads of dope Hip-Hop and the one and only Mone Divine made it through. Pure amazoid - I hope you sites who flock to this show when they have high power bookings don't sleep on these episodes. Next week, La Coka Nostra rolls through!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (5/02/2012) [via PDS]

[video] Easy Does It "Pocket Full Of Change"

DOWNLOAD Easy Does It "Pocket Full Of Change"

[video] US! "Go For Broke"

[video] Quakers ft. Jonwayne "Smoke"

[video] Diamond D "Deflate Cha"

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Shape of Things To Come x The Custodian

The Custodian of Records, AKA Self, is not only a dope as FUCK producer, but he organizes the illest Hip-Hop showcase in/for New Jersey, Garden Variety (you've probably seen me post about it a time or two on this very site). The Shape of Things to Come hooked up with Self for an interview to speak about ::ahem:: the pratfalls of high school, the art of digging for and sampling vinyl, white rappers, and, finally, get to the bottom of why they thought they didn’t like each other. Fucks with this!

The Initiation

The iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES welcome a new member, Tasha, but she has to pass the Ghetto Big Mac test. Anything that means more i.C. videos is cool with me! LOL wait, this is homegirl who FUCKS WITH NAPS!!!

NYTimes Article On Earl Sweatshirt

Reading articles like this make me wish I was a better writer. This is one of the best write-ups on Earl's journey from the release of the "Earl" video to, well now, which includes his recent signing with Sony, which includes a fucking label. I so can't wait for new Earl material.

Santi Junior - Thugstep Motivation, Vol. 1

The boy Santi Junior reps the Netherlands THUGSTEP scene. I'm not sure how big the scene is, but surely after this compilation of previously leaked and new refixes, the world over should be aware of his sound. He's got a great attitude and work ethic - I swear new bits of his drop weekly. Never stops. And from some unreleased originals he's done, I know he's not even begun to do the damn thing.

DOWNLOAD Santi Junior - Thugstep Motivation, Vol. 1

[video] Sugar Tongue Slim "If I Die Young"

Che Grand - Incinerate Yer Face (ZFTP Mix)

Che Grand is one of those cats who such a talented individual, it infuriates me that he's not in a bigger space right now. Dude's influenced by so much, you can hear it in his projects, but when you get ZFTP mixes like this, where he throws a lot of tunes that he's feeling into a box, shakes it up and records how they fall out, you really get to see the parts that help shape the man. Lots of intriguing sounds here, some more downtempo, others with a quicker pace. No tracklist - just marvel in the excellence, and get some ice - your face is melting!

Benji: Create An Image

[video] MaLLy & The Sundance Kid "Shine"

Dutch New York "Goldie Freestyle"

I'm not that sold on A$AP Rocky as an artist, so it's always good to hear MCs I fuck with killin' beats like this. Feel like Dutch has a new hunger streak, but it's not a game. Don't be surprised if he fucks your plans up, trust.

DOWNLOAD Dutch New York "Goldie Freestyle"

Bonus Beats 100 Gang Stack Boys "Theraflu Freestyle"

Zilla Rocca "McNulty"

We've opened up the evidence box and unearthed another Major Crimes track for you guys to pour over. In this episode, Zilla Rocca grabs his badge and assumes the McNulty role alongside Small Pro's Lester Freeman. That good Irish whiskey and a desire to one-up "Bunk", Zilla strapped up and went IN. Perfect foil for Curly's Bunk, you feel me? Little bit of flash, whole lotta flask and the end result? A project that should've fucking happened. Be thankful for what you've got, yeah? And if you want to see Bunk and McNulty perform this track live (which they've done from Philly to Phoenix), check out this crime scene footage.

DOWNLOAD Zilla Rocca "McNulty" (prod. by Small Pro)

[video] The Pro Letarians "Church"

The Eye Of New Jersey EP8: North East Corridor

billy woods ft. L'Wren "Blue Dream"

Here's a quirky cut from History Will Absolve Me that puts me in a zone I used to be in. I remember days where I was depressed and spent a lot of time contemplating parts of my life in a weed haze. Shit can be kind of crazy, especially when the depression is born from dealing with a chick. So I can relate to this. This got premiered by My Old Kentucky Blog (well, not my blog... nevermind), and I thank them for dropping this one.

DOWNLOAD billy woods ft. L'Wren "Blue Dream" (prod. by Man Mantis)

Soul Khan "Gregory Heinz"

Damn. Always a good day when Soul Khan drops a new one. This is taken from Free Shabazz 2, which I believe 2DBz is presenting. Ain't much info on it, from 2DBz or fucking J57. This is amazing, regardless.

DOWNLOAD Soul Khan "Gregory Heinz" (prod. by Fonzi Wells)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Source Presents: Rickie Jacobs - The Prequel EP

I hate being this way, really I do. With so much time spent trying to showcase spitters and producers you should know but aren't that aware of, it always warms my heart when some of the "bigger sites" shine a light on these cats. Rickie Jacobs is a guy who's gone from someone no one really fucked with on a major level to now having a "catch-up" EP presented by none-other than The Source. The Prequel EP features cuts you should be up on (like "Abbey" and "1 Night") alongside some unreleased jawns to get you new cats ready for the Live Epic release, which drops on May 25th. Great look, nahmean? So proud of homey getting on that level, because I saw it then, and he's manifesting it now. Hard work pays off.

DOWNLOAD The Source Presents: Rickie Jacobs - The Prequel EP

[preview] Dom McLennon - LIVN

The boy Dom McLennon has been keeping this LIVN project under wraps, but it's set to drop on May 6th, so the wait is almost done. Hit the jump for the back cover (both are done by HK), which features a dope list of producers. He's keeping the featured MC list under wraps, but you know, secret squirrel over here. Soon come! Maybe I can get a final leak before this one drops...

Juan Epstein (5/01/2012)

Little Juan Epstein extra with Wiz Khalifa, some behind the scenes ish with Amber Rose's man. My Lord, they go in on the movie coming with Snoop, among other things. Word from Rosenberg is that there's ANOTHER awesome episode coming soon! They're hitting that stride! And if you missed it, peep video of Rosenberg and Wiz Khalifa talking about "drinking and driving" lyrics. Shouts to @AreaFY for helping me rock to this at work.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (5/01/2012)

Black Collar Biz "Lord Knows Freestyle"

Damn, Collar. You ain't have to do that to the beat, you know that right?! My nigga said he mixing Henny with Holy Water. My Lord! He straight took that Just Blaze instrumental and made it his. I got a feeling Just and Biz need to link up forreal doe. Someone make this happen!

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz "Lord Knows Freestyle"

[video] RT-FaQ & WhiteOut ft. Family Affair "When The Stars Come Out"

Lil' RTD exclusive drop on you fools. Video is produced by AZTech Productions. STLiens in the house. Shouts to the Doorway fam.

DOWNLOAD RT-FaQ & WhiteOut ft. Family Affair "Stars Come Out" (prod. by The Great Joint Commission)

[video] Ruddy Williams "Champagne"

Taken from his The Higher Chronicles EP, which is out now.

[video] Venomous2000 & Kingshon "Walk On By"

Taken from Still Connected.

[video] Mr. Brady x Tajai ft. Just Brea "That Soul"

[video] Azad Right "Alone"

[video] Darq E Freaker ft. Danny Brown "Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)"

Talk about amazing. Cop the Blueberry EP via iTunes.

Monday, April 30, 2012

DOA: 04.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

Looks like Nappy's outdone himself. I love these mixes - Nappy's into so many different styles, it's fun to hear what he picks up from genres that he's not constantly listening to. For the April edition of the DOA 2012 mix series, Nappy selected new and unreleased bits from Noisia & Phace, Vicious Circle & Need For Mirrors, Crissy Criss, DC Breaks, Prolix, Gridlok, Jubei, Aesthetics and plenty more. Great selection, going from the more chilled/deep side into some tech into some lovely bits. Just great all-around, and a nice selection of the shit that's really moving the scene.

DOWNLOAD DOA: 04.2012 (mixed by Disc Jockey Nappy)

St. Joe Louis "CCSDT"

I was just gushing over this cut, which is my Spring/Summer 2012 guilty obsession. SJL recently finished up a remix and video for "Forgot to Forget" (which is the next single off the My Favorite Demons EP) that's set to drop next week. They added some fly bits to the "Same Damn Time" instrumental and just murder it. No rapping about wearing Gucci and cooking dope, just some sick shit from the Cloud Club.


[video] Earl Grey "Cali For Ya"

N.O.R.E. "Let Me Show You (Pussy Works)"

All about this, since I saw the video over the weekend. Scram did the damn thing on the beat, and Noreaga knew just how to attack it. I could give a fuck if Brian McKnight drops the mixtape or not, I'm glad that debacle produced this track. Shouts to Mr. X.

DOWNLOAD N.O.R.E. "Let Me Show You (Pussy Works)" (prod. by Scram Jones)

Side-B Radio (4/29/2012)

I was waiting for this one to go down. I missed Saturday's Garden Variety show, and of course it was the one that featured Feed's video shoot, Tone Liv as the hypeman AND some static/conflict that included threats being thrown?! Wow. Shouts to Divine and Phil for doing what they do - they drop some SERIOUS '90s flavor throughout the show. Don't miss this one!

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (4/29/2012)

[video] Landon Wordswell ft. DJ FlipFlop "Land On Words Well"

Queen of the Arena 2 (5/03/2012)

Shouts to Rhymageddon for putting me onto this. If you're in Newark this Thursday, get yourself out there! Check out some video from the December Queen of the Arena after the jump.

[video] Grand Official "L.A. L.A."

Sunday, April 29, 2012

DJ Red Alert’s Final 98.7 KISS FM Show

RIP Kiss FM. Mixes via egotripland.

[video] AWKWORD ft. Harry Fraud, Sean Price & The Kid Daytona "Bars & Hooks"

[video] Total Science & S.P.Y Feat Riya & DāM FunK "Piano Funk (Live Acoustic Version)"

Love Riya's voice. The full DnB version is available on iTunes right now.

C-San - Dreams & Reality

The Other Guys - Joe & Insanate's Excellent LP

[video] Mr. J. Medeiros "Pale Blue Dot"

DOWNLOAD Mr. J. Medeiros Pale Blue Dot EP

Skream & Benga - The Dubstep Show (4/28/2012)

Centric - The Homecoming

[video] Double "Road To Success"

[video] Chandler London "Duke Ellington"

FuseBox Radio (Week of April 25th, 2012)

[video] Chief Keef ft. Riff Raff "Cuz My Gear"

This the kind of shit that I fuck with in it's state. If either of these spit any better, I doubt I'd give a fuck.