Jay-Z Chunks The Deuce

We speculated on this like 3 weeks ago, and it's been confirmed by XXL that Jay-Z is stepping down as President of Def Jam at the end of the year, although he will still remain an artist for Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam. I guess that fucks up any future talk of "oh my LP bricked b/c Jigga is on tour".



Anonymous said...

Ok Lets be real..I dont like to lay blame but..
How can the president of a music company get more promotion than the artists?? Its like hustling backwards. The artists help the biz to grow.. and all he did was get free promo and bounce..

khal said...

you say that like Jay couldn't garner promotion without being president. or like Jay didn't help give Ne-Yo and Rihanna an in (whether perceived or actually doing the work); Jay didn't NEED free promo. uttering the phrase "new jay-z album" is set to bring a windstorm of news and talk. and the only hustling backwards in your comment is the company, not jay. his stock rose for that position.