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Sum PSP Hax0r

Representing Indiana, Sum (aka SuMoNe) is a talented producer who I've only heard for his nasty jungle beats. Then I hop on DOA and see the following post:


Sum aka SuMoNe aka Jeff has been turning out killer cuts for the past few years. Being an avid video gamer, Jeff hacked his PSP almost immediately upon purchase, installing the PSP Rhythm. Using the advanced audio engine of the PSP and PSP Rhythm, he produced an entire album that spans several sounds from straight up Jungle to Dubstep to Trip-Hop to Breakcore.

01. PSP Dubstep
02. PSP Selektah
03. Jah Jah Bizniz
04. Manchester Blues
05. Big Salad
06. PSP Ruffneck Personal VIP
07. Forward & Fiyaka
08. PSP Badman
09. PSPcore
10. GaBbEr01

Click Here to Download the Album for FREE!

So, being the drinkin' adventurous nigga I am, I grab the file and I am truly amazed that dude is really coming at me with some PSP-crafted beats. The jungle/DnB cuts like "PSP Selektah!" and "PSP Badman" are HEAVY, with loads of edits and fast-paced breakbeats. Proper jungle style shit. "PSP Dubstep" is a godsend, and there's even a bit of the Trip-Hop and Hardcore/Gabber thrown in. If you like experimental music, or just want to hear what one can do with a PSP, grab this up NOW!

Highly Recommended.

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