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On That Leak: "Imagine That"

Joulz Il "Imagine That" (prod. by Entity Starr): my dude Joulz is still unsigned, and he is every BIT of a problem. Ill lyrics, wicked flow, hot hot beats from the one like Entity. Dallas, Texas has a beast on their hands, and is making moves right now. Hop up on this one and get involved, for serious.

Hit up his MySpace page for more info and audio.



Anonymous said...

I am currently listening to the clips on his myspace-page. I really like what I have heard so far. Thank you for pointing me to his music!

khal said...

oh no doubt. Joulz is dope...

Anonymous said...

He from Dallas?????? Tha souf???? This kat is sick wit it

khal said...

thats what i said - i was surprised, i had not really heard cats from texas with that kind of style. very refreshing.

Anonymous said...

with all that dumb shit comin out of texas and he aint on?

somebody sleepin on they job.

checked the links and started buggin out when I seen the track was done by a chick. she fine too

Anonymous said...

Khal, you definitely stay on your grizzly. (I didnt even know you had this joint!) Im just glad that people are listening. I hope that Entity and myself can continue to bring great music to ya'll. (Yes, "ya'll"! You know Im from the "SOUF"!)

Thanks, shoota. I feel that same way you do: "SOMEBODY'S sleeping on their job."

Rwhite: Dallas, yes, DALLAS! Raised in South Dallas for most of my life and loved every minute of it. Same place that Badu.

Dreas: Im glad that you liked the music. Its good to express something thats heartfelt and have someone, at least one person, feel where its coming from.

Please continue to check for the music. Trying to have great things in store.

-Joulz Il

Anonymous said...