Too Hood To Be True?

Rizoh posted this video over at TRU, as now the situation surrounding the Criminals Gone Wild DVD is now coming to a head, and the validity of the whole damn thing is in question! The one nigga who robbed and shot/shot at numerous heads in this documentary (mockumentary?) is now saying that everything was staged:

Donny Goines commented on this, and says that he believes the whole damn thing is fake, just based on the reactions alone, which I can definitely see: there's one scene where dude walks into this guy he is cool with's apartment, with a fucking cameraman, and dude is like yeah sure come on in... they end up sticking them up, and find a nice chunk of weed. Now come on. If I'm even THINKING about weed, I'm not letting some nigga I don't know, who has a camera, all up in the spot like it's peace.

Stranger things have happened, but it's kind of insulting that this nigga is making dumb loot (1000s of DVDs sold, at roughly $27 a pop?), and the shit ain't even real. There's more hood DVDs like this out there anyways...

Shouts to Enigmatik for picking the iller title for this post.

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