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On That Leak: Thriller 25 2K8 Remixes

Spotted these over at The Leak Source; it looks like they ripped the clips that YN posted yesterday (and ended up taking down) and converted them to MP3. I'm not the biggest fan of the CHOICES Michael Jackson made for these updated versions, but whatever, MJ has always been about shining with those who are the hottest. I just don't fuck with will.i.am, or Fergie... or Akon for that matter. Check them out:

There's also a .rar with all of these tracks HERE. I have a feeling these will be going down, early, so hit the links and take a peek if you are down with Thriller.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving credit, so many people just steal and run.

khal said...

Oh no doubt. Credit where credit is due and all of that. Keep doing your thing.