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Scarface Made [review]

I knew that this CD would be good, but I was still surprised at how consistently dope this disc was. I've been a fan of Scarface's, but for some reason I don't own a lot of his material. I am going to change that very soon, and his 7th (and final?) solo LP, Made, made me do it...

Pretty straight forward on this intro. We reestablish that we hate you punk ass snitches, you B.A.N.'s, and we reppin' for them real niggas. And damn, 'Face been doing the damn thing for 20 years? Holla...

Best track on the album, and the first new Scarface track I heard off this joint. Just has that hypnotic beat, and the way he plays his rhymes off the "never" sample in the beat was a nice touch. If you wanted to know what 'Face stood for, just put this one on and listen carefully. Real nigga quotes through and through.

"Big Dogg Status (ft. Wacko)"
Nice, 808-and-fake organ beat. Dude is just straight boastin' in this one, slippery smooth flow with that hard edge to it. Thick funk for the trunks.

"Girl You Know (ft. Trey Songz)"
This is the single. Scarface is lettin' you ho's who stay with the Q&A that he is gonna do whatever he wants, but he still loves you. Sort of. Nottz did his thing on the beat.

"Burn (ft. Z-Ro)"
Stone-cold killer feel. Scarface puts you in the passenger seat, letting you know what's going through the mind of a dude who just took someone's life and is escaping from the scene. That chorus is so involved. So involved.

"Go (ft. Nina)"
I feel like this a lot - just need to get the fuck out of the spot every now and again. Get out of everything and just go zone out. Not that you hate your family, you just need time for delf. This beat isn't the dopest, and while the chorus works, I could have done without it personally.

Tone Capone with a wild track on this one. Scarface comes from the gut with this flow. The beat has these sounds that remind me of raindrops, or could it be change falling from the sky? I don't like the chorus on this one either.

"Boy Meets Girl (ft. Tanya Herron)"
One of the top tracks on this disc. This is some ghetto Romeo & Juliet shit. The story catches you in the end, and it's worth the wait. Another funky number, but on the slower pace.

"Who Do You Believe In"
Dude reminds me of Pac on this one. Just goes extra hard and poetic into the social commentary. Nice, organic sounding beat. I'd love to hear 'Face rock these tracks live with a band behind him. I also like how the chorus is just the title said twice, and the rest is left blank. Dope track.

"Git Out My Face"
Hardcore Hip-Hopera. Complete with an opera chorus singing some shit about "fake ass niggas". The way the strings are worked with that beat are dope, too. One of the most original beats on the album, and a bit off center from the rest of the disc, but one of the sleeper gems. Scarface just goes at it on this one.

"The Suicide Note"
Not since Biggie's "Suicidal Thoughts" has a Hip-Hop track about death left me speechless. Super storytelling on this one, with 'Face delving into a situation where he leaves a suicidal friend only to have to turn back around to a grisly discovery. Ill, too ill.

Instrumental of the beat from the intro. Really moody, macabre shit. Cinematic almost.

All in all, one great Hip-Hop album. I am upset that Scarface is planning on not doing any solo albums anymore, for he is one of the only guys who can, lyrically, keep you involved throughout an entire long player by himself. You see those features? Those are all cats on hooks - Face shares no verses. And he doesn't need to. He seems to never smile, but for the dark, gritty, real life subject matter, no smiles or happiness is needed. Know what you expect, and give this elder-statesman of Hip-Hop his props.

rock the dub gives Made a 4 out of 5. For what it is, it performs perfectly. Dope beats, raw rhymes, and a constant theme. 'Face does it the best.

Burn Deez: "Git Out Of My Face", "The Suicide Note", "Never", "Burn"

"Girl You Know" video:

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