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Scanz Prelude To A Legacy [review]

Here's my 2nd review of one of the Rawkus 50, and boy do I have high hopes. Dude calls his sound "new millenium boom-bap", and this album lives up to that moniker. For fans of artists like Duck Down, who appeal to both the backpackers and the gatclappers, Scanz is bridging that gap, and at all of 19, and being a beast on both the beats and the pad, the game is his...

"You Know The Deal"
This is one of those "we don't need no hook" joints, mainly because dude murks the beat for just about 3 minutes... and does really well. The beat is very interesting, with those heavy drums but a weird harp-sounding melody in there, with some piano and synth flourishes. Lovely intro to this opus.

"Don't Front"
Jazzy guitar, funky bass... this one is for the whip, no doubt. It even has that sampled scratch sound low in the cut. Scanz has that butter flow, coming with loads of punchlines and ill visuals. Tracks like this sound like the underground sound of like '96.

"Something New (ft. Yasin)"
This is one of those thick-bottomed, soulful cuts that you'd jot down and learn the lines to spit to that thick-bottomed shorty at the bar. Yasin's verse is a bit too rugged to go with Scanz' first two verses, but somehow it works.

"Choose Your Hustle (ft. Akrobatik)"
One of the best instrumentals on the entire album. There's a few piano loops in here that just sound so beautiful. Maybe I'm just a sucker for that kind of stuff, but this is just that sound. This one is dedicated to breaking down how cats should approach whatever hustle they are going on, and you realize that, while Scanz is only 19, his mind is old (whattup P). Ak comes in and does what he does best - kick dope lyrics.

"Make It Happen"
This one has a smooth, deep bass to it, with some ill organ noodling over it. Just a nice beat to get on top of and ride like a horse, and Scanz does just that.

"Like This"
I'm not the biggest fan of this one, but it still works. I swear I've heard that sample before, but I can't place it... more of that heat.

"Feel It"
Beautiful sample on this one, it has a Dilla/Ummah feel to it with the ill Rhodes-esque sound. I didn't expect this one, based on the hard boom of the previous tracks, but it is just a testament to how ill dude really is.

"Bigger Than Rap"
Another curveball - last thing I was expecting was a dubby/reggae/skankin' affair on the beat here. Dude's flow fits the beat, but the stylin' doesn't feel fresh after a few bars. I was almost expecting him to spit a Jay-Z "Hawaiin Sophie" kind of style, but nah, this was just about the syllables.

"A Dimepiece"
This is one for the ganja smokers in the house. What's ill is, during his verse, you almost can't tell if he's talking about loving caressing a blunt or caressing a broad. The beats come odd, too, like some Madlib, blunted Hip-Hop shit. Peep the switch around 2 minutes in...

"Deep End"
That sample has a blaxploitation cool to it. Nice track to vibe to. This one goes into some ill storyline, with a dude who fucks with this chick he doesn't need to be dealing with, but can't help it b/c she's so intoxicating. Listen close to this one.

"I Am Hip Hop"
This one has that Diamond D feel to it. That piano is lush, and fits in there perfect with that melancholy beat. This is true independent Hip-Hop.

"I Can Teach Ya"
I love the organs and synth melody in this one. Really brings that head-nodding feel to it. Dude gets on his rhymes as well. Perfect example of how to be a dope producer and ill MC.

For a debut album, I'm very impressed. No wonder dude is getting production work with Akrobatik, Channel Live, KRS-One, Monie Love and others. This guy has it - that vintage sound, coming from such a young dude, is explosive. If you want that real Hip-Hop, and don't want to rely solely on Primo, Extra P and the older school, check out Scanz' shit.

rock the dub gives Prelude To A Legacy a 3.75 out of 5 stars. Dude definitely is on to something, both lyrically and on the beats. With only 12 tracks, there is a bit of redundancy, and a hint of filler, but if you wonder "where's the ill, real new Hip-Hop at?", Scanz is right here.

Burn Deez: "Choose Your Hustle", "Feel It", "Make It Happen", "Deep End"

Prelude To A Legacy is available via Amazon MP3, iTunes and other digital distributors.

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Shout to Frank G of the ISH Productions for producing beats for Scanz's "Prelude to a Legacy." To hear more ISH Productions music go to:


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Frank G