Beat Drop: Kanye West

While I am not always a fan of his ego or his fashion sense, I have always been a big fan of Kanye's production, so when the folks over at Metal Lungies told me they were taking in contributions for the Kanye West edition of their Beat Drop series, I was down. It's been uploaded today, and features a hefty list of Hip-Hop bloggers, including Andrew Barber, Ges, Travis, DJ Franchise and others. Oh yeah, my drops are in there too!

Beat Drop: Kanye West


Franchise said...

hey khal - just wanted to give you props on the dope write-ups for the Beat Drop. I was glad you put "Guess Who's Back" on the list. Its becoming a staple in my set - even at the bougy clubs in SF.

keep up the truth,
franchise (KTL)

khal said...

big up yourself man. keep doing you - and keep playing those hot jams! "Guess Who's Back" is a fucking GEM!

stay true.

J. Slikk said...

Much thanks for the respect due to one of my idols... HOWEVER, i must note that BR Right and Down & Out were produced by my guy Brian "All" Day Miller.. they were both ghostpros for Kanye

KNOWxONE said...

Khal my man, loved all the jawns you picked, trill spit. Hope we make the next one again. Hah!

AaronM said...

Your writeups are always appreciated, Khal. Thanks for your help with the Beat Drops.
Keep doing your thing.

Ignorance Inc Hip Hop said...

Yeah, Im feelin this blog homie, feel the same way about kanye, keep it up bro