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6th Sense Just Do It: A Mixtape Ode To Nike

6th Sense hit me up with this mixtape about an hour ago, and its the shit. He and Mick Boogie were brought out to Nike's HQ out in Portland, and experienced a lot in those few days (meeting LeBron James, DJing a few events, the 7on7 Touch Tournament, etc) . To commemorate the trip, Mick figured it'd be an ill idea to do a mixtape about it, and flipped this in 2 days. Only 50 copies were made, and given to the heads and employees over at Nike, and features exclusive tracks and other songs that are all in the name and vein of Nike and their kicks. So, without further ado, Mick Boogie and Notherground Music present...



1. Intro
2. Classic Freestyle
3. December 30th (King James) {prod. 6th Sense}
4. Team USA (prod. Just Blaze)
5. A-Trak & Lupe Fiasco feat. 6th Sense - Me & My Sneakers
6. Nike Boots Freestyle
7. Fly Union feat. 6th Sense - Bonike Applebaum Remix
8. Let's Do It (prod. 6th Sense & Frequency)
9. Ignite The People (Like Obama) {prod. 6th Sense}

6th also documented the trip with this video:

Shouts to 6th for lacing me with this - good work, fam!