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Elucid "Laser Days"

Elucid "Laser Days": Oh how I've been waiting to leak some of Elucid's new work. Dude is on that SBD shit... silent but deadly, but he's also on that Sub Bass Diet, which is where this leak comes from. He's been really letting the flag fly over the ill soundscapes. Here he's taken aim at Kode9's latest, and the results are invigorating.

When I say dude has a satchel of succulent tracks ready for release, don't think I'm just flowering up the project. And when I say this nigga is going for your fucking jugular, you better watch your back... and your front.

I wanna see all you niggas who drooled over "Snoop Dogg Millionaire" to deny this...


The Colorado Rap Report said...

"He's been really letting the flag fly over the ill soundscapes."

That's an ill way of putting things.

Anonymous said...

sorry but snoop dogg millionaire was absolutely shit. He ruined a perfectly good dubstep track that took time to produce and just put some wack lyrics over the top.

This track is just as crap, I wish these niggas would stop trana ruin decent tracks and make there own shit.