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MoodSwingaz "The Blessin'"

MoodSwingaz "The Blessin'": This cut is known through underground Hip-Hop circles, for good reason. Crews like this are hard to come by - they have dope flows and ill lines, but also known how to flip offbeat sample choices in their tracks, making it work VERY well. I like to think that these cats are what Cannibal Ox would've been if they weren't so abstract, lyrically, and had some real Timberland boot-wearing niggas on the boards for The Cold Vein instead of El-P. I miss shit like this, and CRU. If anyone can hook me up with a copy of Circa 2000, I'd be forever grateful. [Ed Note: We got Circa 2000!]

NJ, what?!?

Bonus Beats MoodSwingaz "No Simulator"

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Fossil Fuel Music said...

i got some of their wax in my collection

the one with the cosby theme i think

and another one with some scatting in the beat

definitely nasty stuff, unique beats