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RIP Tony D

I didn't want to have to make this post. Last night, I had speculated that the legendary Tony D was the Anthony Depula that some were saying had passed away, but my purchase of today's Trentonian confirmed it. Tony D, one of Trenton Hip-Hop's finest examples of quality music, died yesterday in a one-car accident in Trenton. He was only 42 years old. I know many of you only focus on that "new" shit, and I admit, most of the music posted here is of that new-new variety, but I also pride myself in giving respect where its due, and Tony D is one of those who deserves every ounce of respect heeped upon him, from producing what's definitely Trenton's finest Hip-Hop moment, "Rock Dis Funky Joint", but a host of other joints for various artists, as well as being jacked by artists like Naughty By Nature and Heavy D. He is a true Trenton legend, and will be sorely missed. Here are some tributes and thoughts from a bunch of my peers: RIP Tony D. PS How ironic that one of Trenton Hip-Hop's legends passed away the same day that Run DMC was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame... PS All Hip-Hop picked up on the story, too. As have SOHH. And HipHopDX. PS Just Blaze sounds off. EDIT Here's the cover of today's Trentonian: You can read the full article HERE. I also noticed that his wife commented over at Hip Hop Battlefield. I feel the worst for his family - he left a loving wife, a 3 year old and a 15 month old. Those are the ones who lost the most. I also forgot to mention that Press Rewind If I Haven't... has posted a scan of the original Source article by Matty C about the Naughty/Tony D beat jack situation. THAT'S some classic shit! I've got some plans, I want to try and do some sort of tribute compilation of my favorite tracks D was associated with (either on the boards or on the mic)... we'll see how it goes. EDIT laze over at Normal Bias has posted some of Tony D's illest Thursday Night Live clips, from his "Best of WPRB" post. Four minutes of Tone going for broke LIVE in studio!?!? EDIT Press Rewind If I Haven't... has also posted an ad for Droppin' Funky Verses. EDIT I highly recommend you checking out this piece by Dan Charnas about his experiences with Tony D. EDIT I see MC Serch has briefly blogged about Tony D. There's no love lost at all, but he kept it clean and said his piece. Respectable.


Blokey said...

Such a major loss to Hip Hop, hopefully people will back track and see how many dope tunes he produced..

My thoughts are with his family.

DJ Mista Reese said...

As A true Trentonian I got to see Tony D and his vision in rare form. he will be greatly missed but never forgotten because his legacy of a hip hop utoptia will live on

Anonymous said...

Man i'm from Glasgow, Scotland and i want to say how truly sad i was to hear about Tony D. He was the man
and i absolutely loved Droppin' Funky Verses. He will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Tony D

GDAGR8 said...

The Partners in Rhyme, Poor Righteous Teachers and Intelligent Muzik with deepest sympathy and regret send our condolences to the family of Anthony "Tony D" Depula. We remember Tony D as one of the most important figures in the development of rap music in the city of Trenton, as well as New Jersey! Tony was instrumental in helping launch the careers of groundbreaking hip hop acts, like YZ, Too Kool Posse, Partners in Rhyme and of course, the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers! He will be sorely missed, not only by friends and family, but the members of this close knit community of hip hop headz! As a community we pause the beat, to salute my Partner in Rhyme,R.I.P, Tony D!


Gino G. C.O.O

Bobbie Fine said...

I was missing my brother Tony prior to this weekend and now it's much worse. He was a friend, mentor and family to me & so many others that he blessed with some of the hottest tracks. Keep tappin that MPC Tone. We can still hear you down here. Love u! RIP!!!

Marty aka Marty Mcfly said...


we had an inteview with Tony just few months ago so if you want to know more about him check it here:


RIP Tony

RememberingTonyD.blogspot.com said...

Let's never forget Tony D... http://RememberingTonyD.blogspot.com