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The Bomb Zombies "Fuck What You Heard"

The Bomb Zombies "Fuck What You Heard": While a LOT of MCs/producers/DJs/hype men/PR people and other assorted industry types have used that moniker to describe whatever “crillz” they believe their artist is peddling, The Bomb Zombies (aka DJ Nobody & MC Nocando) are actually what you need to hear, and this anthem that “kinda sounds like ringtone rap” is the proper introduction to their Sincerely Yours EP, which is due out on November 9th on Hellfyreclub. It’s good to hear MCs with talent actually crafting catchy tracks over tracks that don’t require a Jansport and a room full of 200 dudes to give it praise. Something that I could play for some females and have them wind their waists to, but still make me smile over the 16s that the MC spits? I’m with that. Aren’t you, hairy palms?

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