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TheSeKondElement & Heata Best Metrical Komposition

Here's the newest mixtape from TheSeKondElement & Heata Best, Metrical Komposition, mixed by the one like E.F. Cuttin'. Pure lyrics, deep themes and production from the likes of Quest, Poetree and others.

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Intro – DJ E.F. Cuttin
The Renaissance – Heata Best + T2E
I Think I’m Heata Best – Heata Best
I Bet – Heata Best + T2E
Who You Know? – Heata Best + T2E (Prod. by Dubb)
Deeper – Heata Best + T2E + Spit Raw (Prod. by Young Venom)
3am – Heata Best
Henley’s Strength – T2E (Prod. by Prospek)
Same O – BLVD + Heata Best + T2E
Closer – T2E
Fly Away - Heata Best + GQ
Throw Ya Hands Up – Heata Best + T2E (Prod. by Poetree)
80s Baby – T2E (Prod. by Suave)
Feelin Myself – Quest + T2E (Prod. by Quest)
Who Got It? – Heata Best
The Same Moon – Cyclops + Heata Best + T2E
What’s the Future? – Heata Best + T2E (Prod. by Quest)
Note to God – T2E

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