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The Garden Variety Show (6/25/2011)

Told you guys this was happening monthly! Same Jersey flavor, different venue - if you guys have been to any of the Jersey Fresh Graf Jams in the past, you know where the Terracycle building is. Dope spot, too. Off in the cut (kind of how the Galamo is), but it's a lot bigger on the inside. Should be a dope event. Returning cats include Divine Drummah, Rhymageddon, Mr. Fickle, Blackout, Steve Smiff and more, with dope cats like Shawn Lov, Tone Liv, Fizix, Zu Ninjas and more added to the bill. I imagine that cypher is going to be TOUGH! $5 donation, great night of Hip-Hop. The crowd from the last GV Show was larger than the one in April, so I hope this one is bigger than the May show! Tell a friend to tell a friend - all info is over on Facebook. Big up to Self and Kasso and the other cats who are helping put this together. Dope event!

And for you Hip-Hop artists in Jersey, you might remember last year that I helped put together a mixtape with Leon Rainbow for the Jersey Fresh Jam - it featured cats like Emcee Jermaine, Rhymageddon, St. Joe Louis, Deal - The Villain, I believe Skrew was on the project, and others. Well, I hit up Rain, and he was done to do another tape for this year's Jam in August, so I'm asking you Jersey spitters - SUBMIT SOME TRACKS FOR THIS! It can be your ill single, or something unreleased/new that you want to drop off exclusive. Wanna have in early August, so we can have it ready for the day of the Graf Jam. Submit any tracks to rockthedub@gmail.com, so you can be a part of this premier project. LET'S DO THIS FOR JERSEY!

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