Saturday, January 24, 2009

[video] N.A.S.A. "Hip-Hop"

Featuring Slim Kid Tre, Fatlip & KRS-One:

[video] Jamie Foxx x Mayor Michael Nutter

[video] Elliot Wilson On The Round Table

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Antidotes Street LAb Mixtape

Here's the new mixtape from The Antidotes crew. You will enjoy it.



01 - The Antidotes - Street LAb Mixtape (Intro)
02 - The Antidotes - A Breath of Fresh Air (Street LAb Mixtape Remix)
03 - The Antidotes - Love Supreme (Remix)
04 - The Antidotes - Paper Planes (Remix)
05 - Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ - Maybe, Just Maybe
06 - The Antidotes - Got Rhymes (Street LAb Mixtape Remix)
07 - Jo Well - Sleepin' Like A Dog (J Dilla Beat)
08 - The Antidotes - Fresh Tonight
09 - MARKFADER (Remix) - T.I. - S.L.U. ft. Kanye West, MARKFADER, Jay-Z, & Lil Wayne
10 - The Antidotes - Band Whip (Remix)
11 - The Antidotes - Girl Chaser (Remix)
12 - The Antidotes - So Fly (Remix)
13 - MARKFADER - SuperStar Radio Intro
14 - Blu & Jo Well - Pearly Gates (Mash-Up)
15 - The Antidotes - Yesterday ft. Cee Nario (Remix)
16 - The Antidotes - Sweet Harmony Revisited
17 - The Antidotes - One of A Kind
18 - Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ - Treasure Chest ft. MARKFADER & Cee Nario
19 - The Antidotes - No Greater Fuck (Remix)
20 - The Antidotes - What Them Girls Like (Remix)
21 - The Antidotes - Come On Baby (Remix)
22 - Bonus Track + MARKFADER (Remix) - DJ K.O. - Best To Do It ft. Royce Da 5'9, Elzhi, & Supastition

Jo Well & DviousMindZ's Nickel & Diming EP drops on Jan. 28th; MARKFADER's Pound 4 Pound beat tape should be dropping soon as well...

[video] Kat De Luna ft. Lil' Wayne "Unstoppable"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tapemasters Inc x Jim Jones Jockin' Jim Jones

So THIS is why all of those Jim Jones "remix" tracks have been leaking? SPIN had some good comments about Pray IV Reign, but that doesn't mean I'm buying it. Enjoy this mixtape. Shouts to Get Right Music.

Britney Spears "Circus (Diplo Circus Remix)"

Britney Spears "Circus (Diplo Circus Remix)": Diplo definitely goes off on these mixes, taken from the Circus Remix EP. I'm glad Brit and her camp gave Dip the chance to be himself, and funk the shit out of her recent single.

Bonus Beats Britney Spears "Circus (Diplo Alt Clown Mix)"

[video] Miss Info & Green Lantern on Tim Westwood

Some ill interviews with two Hip-Hop staples right now; Miss Info speaks on Jim Jones & Cam'ron's break-up and Kanye West:

[video] Affion x Jay-Z

Why I posted this on twitter and forgot to post it on here is beyond me; watch Jay's reaction when Affion mimics his laugh perfectly:

Young Jeezy x Belvedere Vodka

I was wondering why I saw this pic of Young Jeezy holding a big ass bottle of Belvedere; it looks like Jeezy is now one of the new faces of Belvedere...

“I’m excited to work with Belvedere, it’s my vodka. We have developed a platform called ‘America Reborn’ — they support me as an artist, and share my creative vision. I’ve always known the Belvedere brand represents quality, creativity and self-expression. I see a lot of similarities in what they are doing and feel at home with them."

Here's a behind the scenes video of the project:

Belvedere will be promoting a Jeezy tour as well; more info on that TBA.

Shouts to Nora @ Morpheus Media.

[video] Kidz In The Hall "BirdWalk"

[video] Chase & Status "Against All Odds"

Featuring Kano:

Friday, January 23rd 2009 playlist

What a week. I'm glad my Friday is almost over. Definitely going to see Paul Blart tomorrow, although I'm more excited for the nachos than the movie. What am I talking about, check out the leaks!




This week's BoomBoxxMixtape was probably the song that the Eagles were jammin' to last Sunday; now they are singin' the blues...

Public Enemy "By The Time I Get To Arizona"

Enjoy your weekend, fam!

Excess Bangers 10: Underground - Rise of The Mic'ans

Highbrid Nation is keeping at it, this week bringing a host of new beats, including some dedicated to this week's historic inauguration.



1 .Richard Raw - Dear Martin, Hello Malcom, Farewell Bush
2 .Freddie Foxx - Yes You Can
3 .Q Da Kid - Just Ask
4 .Memphis Bleek - Ahh Man
5 .T.I. feat Akon - Hero
6 .JoJo Pellegrino ft. Styles P - Holy Shrine
7 .Young Buck - Murda Call
8 .The Game Ft. Wyclef Jean & Damian Marley - Enemy
9 .Tuge ft. Cassidy, Uncle Murda - Gun Shopping
10 .Gorilla Zoe ft. Lil Wayne - Lost(Remix)
11 .Obie Trice - Bunch Of Blessings
12 .UGK - Da Game Been Good To Me
13 .Big Tuck - Stuntaman
14 .Flo Rida ft Pleasure P - Action
15 .Dominic - Do It
16 .Obie Trice - You Burn
17. Chelsea Lynn ft. Oschino - Control(remix)
18. The Outlawz ft Tony Atlanta, Maserati Rick - Ultimate Rush
19. Scram Jones ft. Saigon, Rhymefest, Haffa - Yes We Can

Burn and blast.

[video] Slaughterhouse Live At SOB's

Shouts to MissInfo.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wendy & Lisa "Niagra Falls"

Wendy & Lisa "Niagra Falls": Here's a cut from Wendy & Lisa's White Flags For Winter Chimneys, which they are self-releasing through their website right now in a variety of formats (MP3 \ CD \ vinyl). Word is this is a multi-genre masterpiece, with their signature song-writing still in tact. If you were ever a fan of their work, you will love this. RTD interview with Wendy & Lisa? Soon come, blood, soon come.

Bonus Beats "Balloon" & "Invisible"

Rich Boy "Drop" (Instrumental)

Rich Boy "Drop (Instrumental)": This Polow Da Don beat is definitely infectious, and I already saw a few niggas hopping up on this, which is funny because I had a feeling this past Sunday that niggas might want this one...

Bonus Beats Rich Boy "Drop" CDS

[video] Animal Collective "My Girls"

[video] Skull Gang "Drama Fold"

Drew Sidora ft. Atiba "Not Alone"

Drew Sidora ft. Atiba "Not Alone" (prod. by Flynstones): Drew Sidora is a Slip N Slide artist. This beat sounds like The Runners produced it (and was passed over by Jeezy). It's not really that good, but anything with promo pics like that automatically pique my interest. You?

DJ Cable "Still Tippin' On The Request Line"

DJ Cable "Still Tippin' On The Request Line" [clean \ dirty]: Cable keeps the blends coming, this time touching on one of my favorite sounds, the THUGSTEP. He mashes Mike Jones' classic "Still Tippin'" with Skream's "Midnight Request Line", and it's what I like to call "the shit". This is one of those refixes I've been waiting for from Cable, and I'm glad to hear it came out so dope.

Word is the homey Cable has a dubstep mix coming; once I get it, it's yours.

Donny Goines "Never Let My Talent Die"

Donny Goines "Never Let My Talent Die": I hadn't even thought about it, but today marks the two year anniversary of Disco D's death. Donny spoke briefly about his relationship with Disco during my interview with him, and I remember posting a video of Donny performing this track at the Stand Up showcase. D was a true legend to many Hip-Hop fans, as well as cats who fucked with that club music. RIP to one of the dons - the game definitely misses you. And thanks to Donny for passing this one along.

Bobby Valentino "Beep (Official Remix)"

Bobby Valentino ft. Ludacris, Lil' Kim & Lil' Wayne "Beep (Official Remix)": This is one of those remixes of an R&B cut that, like Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down (Remix)", the R&B artist just sings the hook. None of the three particularly drop any gems, but hey, Weezy performs Auto Tune-less (that sounds funny). And keep it on the low, but this cut is a guilty pleasure of mine. SHHH!

related [video] Bobby Valentino "Beep"

[video] Ice Cube ft. Young Jeezy "I Got My Locs On"

Keelay & Zaire Prelude To Drive EP

Here's an ill EP from one of the 'Net's favorite duos, Keelay and Zaire, as they hype the forthcoming release of Ridin' High.

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


1. Letcha Soul Vibe
2. Exclusive Shit ft. Supastition
3. Saturday ft. Torae & Tiffany Paige
4. Never Again ft. T.Sky & Khizman
5. Ridin High Interlude
6. More Than Corners ft. khill
7. Government Names ft. Khizman
8. Tryna Jock My Steelo ft. Night Clubber Lang
9. Old E. ft. Surreal, Fortlive, Da Evangillest, the A.V.E. and Mario Dones

Bonus Beats "Soul Ides" Commercial

Shouts to Keelay and Michelle @ audibletreats for the info!

[video] Slaughterhouse Freestyle On Streetsweepers Radio

Bonus Beats Royce Da 5'9 "Part Of Me" Trailer

[video] Keyshia Cole "You Complete Me"

DOA Mix: DJ Vapour

I've been cool with DJ Vapour for a few years (we share a love of Drum & Bass and LOST), so getting a feature from him for Dogs On Acid is no problem. His 36 Hertz label is shit-hot, and we figured it would make sense to have his crew come in and speak to the masses as well. So check out this huge feature on Vapour and his 36 Hertz camp, which is accompanied by this too-dope mix...



Dan Miracle "Set It Off Now" (CDR)
Digital "Oy On Mi 'Ead Son" (CDR)
Bladerunner "Release The Kraken" (CDR)
Commix & Rufige Kru "Envy" (CDR)
Zero T & Mosus "Monarch" (Soul:r)
High Contrast "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Jonny L Remix)" (Hospital)
Optical "The Shining (Ed Rush & Optical Remix)" (Metro)
Cause 4 Concern "Reality Check" (CDR)
Subwave "3 Days In A Bedroom" (CDR)
Ray Keith "Sing Time (Explicit Remix)" (CDR)
Hades "The Break" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ001AA)
DJ Vapour "Terminated" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ004A)
Dan Miracle "Universal (Menacer Remix)" (CDR)
DJ Madd "To The Massive (DJ Vapour Remix)" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ002RAA)
DJ Vapour "Sting Dem" (CDR)
DJ Vapour "Porn Of The Dead (DJ Madd Remix)" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ002RA)
Synapse "Avenged" (unsigned(!) CDR)
HLZ (the artist formerly known as Hellraizer) "Clampdown" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ006AA)
Serum & Bladerunner "Snake Fist" (CDR)
Niskala "Dive" (36 Hertz – 36HTZ004AA)
Columbo "Hungary (DJ Madd Remix)" (CDR)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[video] John Legend "Everybody Knows"

[video] J. Holiday "It's Yours"

[video] Coldplay "Life In Technicolor ii"

[video] iLLaNOise "Fab 5 '09"

Featuring Pugs Atomz, Phil G, Que Billah and Ivy League, going IN over one of my favorite joints ever:

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 39

[video] Keak Da Sneak & San Quinn "She Fine"

[video] 13: Fear Is Real Episode 2

High Contrast "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Jonny L Remix)"

High Contrast "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Jonny L Remix)": I may be in a dope position over at Dogs On Acid, but sometimes shit gets by me, too. This sick remix came out on Hospital Records back in May of 2008, and in doing a HEAP of editing to this forthcoming DJ Vapour mix for DOA, I found this slid into the selection he provided. Damn. I just love how the sounds roll. Simple and plain - pure adrenaline in the form of ill samples and ferocious bass. Epic.

Jay Electronica ft. Che Grand "Hagler"

Jay Electronica ft. Che Grand "Hagler" (prod. by Denaun Porter): What a line-up. What a beat. Shouts to the homey Che for hitting me with this; I'm loving this one, and I'm not the biggest Jay Elec fan!

Joyo "Take You Home (DJ D Sharp Remix)"

Joyo "Take You Home (DJ D Sharp Remix)": Here's a fresh throwback remix that D Sharp passed to me. Nice, quirky Club banger right here. Sip some wine and get your two step on.

[video] Barack & Michelle Obama's First Dance

This was during Beyonce's rendition of "At Last":

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[video] Joe Budden Goes To Best Buy

Black Jesus Answers Your Stupid Ass AGAIN!

[video] Katt Williams Presents Katthouse Comedy DVD Trailer

If you saw American Hustle, you have an idea of what goes on here:

This is available now!

Jay-Z "My President Is Black (Remix)"

Jay-Z "My President Is Black (Remix)" (mirror): YN and MissInfo just dropped this audio, which heads have been waiting for since the live video of his verse dropped. I can't say I'm mad at this at all. My BLCKPRSDNT is shining right now.

EDIT Here's the dirty version, via Shake.

[video] Obama's Inaugural Speech

[video] Obama Takes The Oath Of Office

Why I'm Happy, Why I'm Not Satisfied

The Primeridian "Yesterday (The Inauguration Song)"

The Primeridian ft. Tyenza, Yaw & Merci "Yesterday (The Inauguration Song)" (prod. by Nez & Rio): Gotta love how you hear less and less original music like this from established stars, but the cats on the underground have the time to unleash heat that has a message for free! Maybe we can see that shift under our new BLCKPRSDNT.

Shouts to Pugs Atomz for hitting me with this.

Trackstar the DJ x TSS Present Royce Da 5'9 Growth & Patience: The Best Of Royce, Vol. 1

Trackstar and TSS done done it again, mayne; this time, it's a compilation of Nickel Nine heat in anticipation of his Street Hop LP. Download it, burn it, do the damn thing.

Emily Rugburn Birdseed (A Tribute To New Jersey)

Props to GRANDGOOD for the heads up on this free album from Emily Rugburn. Download it now, its a tribute to my state!

Junk Science "Running Shoes"

Junk Science "Running Shoes": This is the first of a series of free joints from Junk Science, who are prepping the releases of their third studio album, A Miraculous Kind Of Machine. Here is Baje One's thoughts on the track, from the press release...

"I think I basically spent a lot of time during the last 8 years, really the majority of my 20's, wishing the aliens would just beam me up already. Not to blame it on Bush and them, but let's face it, it hasn't been the most inspiring 8 years in American history. On the night that Obama won, we hit the streets and rocked out like the word 'whoooo!' was going to be outlawed the next day."

"As we drank beers in Fort Greene that night, I realized that here was a party worth inviting the aliens down for. A real deal human celebration. That it wasn't about 'beam me up' anymore, that it was about 'come on down.' Just the possibility alone that things could be different than they were before, that was enough for me. So that's where this song comes from. It's an Obama song that has nothing to do with politics."

"I like the title 'Running Shoes' because to me it represents two opposing but connected ideas. On one hand, running shoes are empowering, they allow you to move, to get to new places, like wings. On the other hand, running shoes could be what you use to escape from reality: drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, etc."

"So for me this song is really about the crossroads, the Ides, the night before something new. A song for the brief intermission. I hope you like it."


Krhome ft. Junclassic "Yes"

Krhome ft. Junclassic "Yes": I remember Jun sending me the unmixed version of this a few days after Election Day 2008. It's a dope ode from a dope MC. It's now on an EP from Krhome... here's the details on this release:

Krohme - The Onset of Change

Produced entirely by Krohme with a deliberate throwback sound, the album features artists addressing issues that range from our first Black president to the current state of America, these days mark the onset of change. The EP features (in alphabetical order) Atari Blitzkrieg, Breez Evahflowin, Cadence, Junclassic, L.I.F.E. Long, Little Indian, Respect Tha God & Speech.

The EP will be available for free at until Feb. 1 when it goes out on the digital spots additional tracks and with 100% of the profits of the album going to Bright Beginnings Inc. A DC based organization that is dedicated to meeting the immediate needs of children and families living in homeless environments.

Additional Information on Bright Beginnings, Inc.:

Bright Beginnings, Inc. was established in 1991 by the Junior League of Washington, who identified a critical need for quality childcare among homeless families in Washington, D.C. Since then, Bright Beginnings have met the needs of over 1,500 homeless children by providing families with childcare and on-site therapeutic and family support services.

That's some selfless ish. Props to Krhome and Jun for this one.

related Junclassic The Late Nites & Early Mournings EP

Articulate "I Wish"

Articulate "I Wish" (prod. by Rickie Jacobs): Peep the Rickie Jacobs-produced "I Wish", "reflecting on Obama's election and the people who didn't make it to see our first black president". It's a shame when you realize how many Americans died for something like this to happen, and they can't be alive to witness it. These are special times, people, remember that.

Barack The Dub

I had to sort out something to big up the BLCKPRSDNT. If you follow my podcast, you heard these mixes dropped in episode #30. These are some of my favorite instrumentals from 2008, with my favorite Obama speeches from 2008...

Barack Obama "2008 DNC Acceptance Speech (rock the dub blend)"



featuring the following instrumentals...

T.I. "Swagga Like Us"
Jim Jones "Pop Champagne"
David Banner "Get Like Me"
T.I. "Swing Ya Rag"
Shawty Lo "They Know"
Bun B "You're Everything"
Erykah Badu "Honey"
Statik Selektah "On The Marquee"
Busta Rhymes "Don't Touch Me"
Scarface "Never"
David Banner "Bonus Beat Drum"


Barack Obama "A More Perfect Union (rock the dub blend)"



featuring the following instrumentals...

Jake One "Gangsta Boy"
Big Boi "Royal Flush"
Pete Rock "Questions"
Pete Rock "When I Need It"
Percee P "2 Brothers From The Gutter"
Guilty Simpson "Footwork (Size 12 Version)"
Dabrye "Game Over (Flying Lotus Remix)"
Pete Rock "We Roll"
Duo Live "Shootin'"
Pete Rock "The Best Secret"
Hustle Simmons "They Already Know"
Foul Mouth Jerk "Small Town USA"

If you can't be in DC right now, bump these. Loud.

Junclassic The Late Nites & Early Mournings EP

I've been waiting for this EP for a bit. I have to pat myself on the back for initially introducing Junclassic to J. Slikk and getting that Jun/BPA thing rolling. This is the product of networking and quality Hip-Hop music. A shared love of ill beats and thought-provoking lyrics. Entirely produced by Slikk and Cynergy Soundz, this EP is something to keep you warm while the hawk is out...



1. I Gotcha (prod. by Cynergy)
2. The Ohh Ahh feat. Cy Yung (prod. by J Slikk)
3. Status feat Monsta X (prod. by Cynergy)
4. The Basics (prod. by J Slikk)
5. Forever (prod. by Cynergy)
6. Cruisin Thru The Southside (prod. by J Slikk)
7. Lil Bit feat Ceez (prod. by Cynergy)
8. Heard Em Say (prod. by J Slikk)
9. Sleeping Awake (prod. by Cynergy)
10. Werld (prod. by J Slikk)
11. Premeditated (prod. by Cynergy)

Enjoy this. The cover was an oil on canvas panting by Alan Coogan-Prieto. Sick shit to match the sick tracks.

Master 3 "Not Of This World"

Master 3 "Not Of This World" (prod. by Shawn Kaylor): Here's another cut from Master 3's forthcoming Light Up The Darkness album; in his words - "The triumphant Not Of This World features me going in on a beat cooked up by Shawn Kaylor, shunning earthly posesssions in favor of supernatural talent". Enjoy this!

[video] Doctor Who ft. Sadat X "Build/Destroy"

[video] Young Jeezy ft. Nas "My President Is Black"

Bonus Beats Jay-Z x Young Jeezy "My President Is Black (Remix)" LIVE

Monday, January 19, 2009

[video] Manny Norte x Mr. Rooney's Barbers

I miss MTV's The Shop, and clips like this are why:

[video] "America's Song" performs on Oprah with Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, Seal & Bono:

[video] T.I. On Ellen

Tip performed "Whatever You Like" today on Ellen:

[video] Tha Dogg Pound ft. Carlos "U Get Nothing"

Tigersapien "Youth & Vitality"

Tigersapien "Youth & Vitality": I dropped the Designer Drugs remix of this cut last week, and I got the final week of Tigersapien EP leaks today. If you like that Electro/Pop feel to your tracks, definitely hop on these.

Bonus Beats Tigersapien "Luxury"

[video] Behind The Scenes: CNN "Follow The Dollar"

[video] Panama ft. Skyzoo "Play Your Position"

Jo Well & Dj DviousMindZ "Love Thang"

Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ "Love Thang": Here's the third single from the forthcoming Nickel & Diming EP, which I previewed on Friday. Expect more from this collaboration in the very near future...

Take It Personal #3

Here's the latest episode of Take It Personal. They go in on a load of topics from this week, from the forthcoming Obama-nia down in DC, Notorious, YN's (anti-)social behavior, Mysonne and a host of other things. Shouts to Sam ("my laaawwwd!") for hitting me up on Twitter the other day. Good guy. Great episode!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joe Budden "Pain In His Life"

Joe Budden "Pain In His Life": So, did Joe Budden dead his beef with Ransom to pick up another one with Saigon? I honestly didn't peep Sai's retort because, well, I don't believe him, and no matter what happens, Jumpoff comes back with pure heat for his ass. Shouts to Shake for hitting the inbox with this heatrock.

And he did it over "You, Me, Him & Her"?! Ouch!

P.A. "Reality Struck"

P.A. "Reality Struck" (prod. by Chain Of Misery): "Lost in a sense, Lost innocent, ever since birth, mother earth, lost in her scent..."

[video] The Prodigy "Omen"

Beyonce ft. Lil' Wayne "Diva (Mick Boogie Remix)"

Beyonce ft. Lil' Wayne "Diva (Mick Boogie Remix)" [clean \ dirty]: Someone had to do it.

Bonus Beats Jim Jones "I'm A Drug Dealer" [via Nah Right] "Drug Dealer" (No DJ) [clean / dirty] [via Splash]

[video] Voletta Wallace x Angie Martinez

Part 1

Part 2

Big S.I.N. Mind Of A Mad Man Vol. 1

My homey S.I.N.'s latest mixtape, Mind Of A Mad Man, Vol. 1 (which is hosted by Slip-N-Slide DJ J-Chase) just dropped on That Crack yesterday, and has already clocked 1K+ downloads. Hit up this link for the full tracklist, as well as download options (if that doesn't float your boat, Dat Piff has it up as well).

Diamond "Sicknan"

Diamond "Sicknan" (prod. by Zaytoven) [clean \ dirty]: Here's some remedial Rap from Crime Mob's Diamond. "Sicknan" = "sickening" in the King's English. You know how remedial niggas do.

PS On what planet does this skank have "a lotta ass"?!?