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Erykah Badu "Real Thing (J. Slikk Remix)"

Erykah Badu "Real Thing (J. Slikk Remix)": My nigga J. Slikk hit me with this Friday night, and I've been pumping it ever since. Just got a really grimey sheen to it, but it's smooth enough to give Badu a funky vibe to freak over. This is Slikk's submission to this Erykah Badu Remix Contest. Wish him luck!

Bonus Beats: Cy Yung "CeleBROtee" (prod. by J. Slikk); this cut is short and to the point. Lovin' that jazzy piano loop. And any track where a nigga can throw "tender vittles" into his verse is solid gold to me!

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Anonymous said...

I can definitely appreciate Erykah Badu....luvin' it!!