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[video] The Game On The Sean Bell Verdict

Niggas gonna overkill the Sean Bell verdict. I say that because, while I feel for their desire to speak on such a fucked up situation, the majority of these Sean Bell tribute tracks talk loud and say nothing. Now The Game has "911 Is A Joke (Cop Killa)". All he needed to do is make a remix and throw "Fuck The Police" in the title, and he will have all of the bases covered. The thing is, what will niggas do when the deal really does go down? Everyone is a cowboy on their records, but when it's time to take it up against the establishment, will they duck into the secure homes or will they truly pick up arms and go at the establishment?

Now, while I say all of that, there are a few who seem to understand the magnitude of the situation, but then again, they've been on the forefront of making us as a people THINK about what the fuck is going on around us.

EDIT: Looks like Shake is feeling the same way I am.


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