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Y-Love's This Is Babylon [preview]

I reviewed this disc a few weeks back, and I am still impressed with what Y-Love has done, infusing his revolution-tinged "global Hip-Hop" with his Hasidic teachings, creating an interesting mix of forward-thinking Hip-Hop with more socially-aware messages. The good folks at Fanatic have given some MP3s for you guys to devour, and hopefully hearing these will get some of you hunting for this CD, which dropped today:

Y-Love is also one of URB's Next 1000, as well as co-producer of the Hip-Hop Sulha. I think, if you Hip-Hoppers who call yourselves revolutionary, you would be remiss to dismiss Y-Love before checking out what he's all about.

For you producer/remixers out there, Shemspeed is running a Y-Love Remix Contest. The winner received a Shemspeed Fun Pack (which includes CDs, stickers, posters, Fliers and an official Shemspeed t-shirt); hit this link for the files for this competition; make sure you hit up djhandler@shemspeed.com when you have completed your remixes!

Finally, Y-Love is also going on tour in the coming months:

05/15 Berlin, Germany @ Limmud Festival
05/17 Berlin, Germany @ Berlin CD Release Party…
05/22 Seattle, WA @ University of Washington
05/24 Denver, CO @ TBD Record Release Show
05/26 Boulder, CO @ Triology CD Release
05/31 Washington, DC @ Mansion Party TBD
06/27 Pittsburg @ Jambaloosa
06/29 New York, NY @ Summer Stage (Central Park)
08/21 Detroit, MI @ TBD
08/27 Manchester, UK @ TBD
08/28 London, UK @ TBD
08/30 Jerusalem, Israel @ Israel Tour

Props to Andy @ Fanatic for the info!

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