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Ghostface Killah "Charlie Brown (Guns-N-Bombs Remix)"

Ghostface Killah "Charlie Brown (Guns-N-Bombs Remix)": Pitchfork provided this remix about a month or so ago, hyping up this remix project that Scion AV put forth. You fast rap fans should remember "Charlie Brown" - it was released on an early version of of Fishscale, but didn't make the final cut (due to clearance issues). Well, it looks like the GFK & the Rhythm Roots All-Stars' version of "Charlie Brown" is getting an MP3 release on May 6th, which is also the same day that Scion AV is putting out the "Charlie Brown" Remixes package.

This set takes things to the next level: bridging "fast rap" and the more club/electro oriented sounds, 4 production outfits have been tapped to put their own spin on it. Ed Banger fans will be happy to know that DJ Mehdi (alongside a verse from Mapei) doesn't stray far from the original, but turns it to the left a bit, digging deeper into the original's vibe and making some nice, murky magic. The next remix finds Orgasmic takes Ghost's lyrics and really takes it back to the Electro style. Listening to this version makes me wish I had some cardboard, an adidas tracksuit and some five-finger rings. Yuksek drops what might be the most rave-friendly mix in here, sounding not unlike something Fat Boy Slim would use to get the crowd sweaty. That lil' melody thrown in there is hypnotic, real talk. The above remix from Gun-N-Bombs reminds me of some twisted disco, like Daft Punk on HGH. That initial disco feel is there, but this one comes in with harder-hitting drums, some twisted bleeps and sounds, and some nice glitches on GFK's rhymes.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to talk about being different, and bridging the gap, but no one is truly trying to flip GOOD shit. A lot of the Rap/Rave hybrids I hear ("Pretty Rave Girl" and "Say Yeah", for example) tend to fall flat because it's more Rap than anything else. When you are trying to create that "new" shit, you need to be liberal with both sounds, which is something that Scion AV has definitely done with this one. Word is more acts are getting into the swing of things with this project, so check out their site for more info. And enjoy that Guns-N-Bombs rmx while it's available!

Shouts to Aaron B for the info.

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