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Warning Shot Wednesday: "Starstruck"

Elucid "Starstruck": This week's Warning Shot from Elucid is, yes, another Sean Bell tribute. E raps "niggas wanna riot, but'ya scared of revolution" over some plodding Santogold fuzz. This is something I've been batting around myself - the idea that everyone is calling for riots, and calling for killing pigs and all of this other stuff, but when the axe drops, most of these niggas are gonna run the other way. It's mad easy to say you gonna do something, but in this country, the Sean Bell tragedy has been and will continue to be perpetrated as long as we let them do it.

Were the Black Panthers wrong? I mean, any quality revolution is organized. Where is the organization within our own cities? I went to a Neighborhood Crime Watch meeting a month ago. Niggas came in 10, 15, 30 minutes late, and it was only a handful of us in there, and even less spoke. And I hated berating the officer who conducted the proceedings, but he had no answers, only promises of "more police protection", while speaking on the declining funds going to the department. "Doing more with less" is a phrase thrown around, and is a phrase that can be used to justify 50 shots killing an unarmed groom-to-be. Must we take arms up for ourselves to be heard?

Organize and unify. Elucid, you have outdone yourself, and I will stop my venom so the people can fully focus on your track. Warning Shots stay coming - are you listening?


Anonymous said...

Elucid always brings that heat. I think the line you quoted is "riot" tho, not "right". Thank for this.

khal said...

good look. typing so fast, i didnt realize it.

jon jon said...

I'm not madd at this yo