Tony Yayo Is KRS-One

Any high hopes I had for The Vapors, the upcoming movie about the legendary Juice Crew, are shot, now that XXL reports that Tony Yayo will be playing the role of KRS-One:

Tony Yayo refers to himself as G-Unit’s “bad guy” and in the upcoming Juice Crew movie, “The Vapors,” the rapper will fittingly play the legendary outfit’s nemesis, KRS-One. “They came to me about playing the part of KRS-One,” Yayo explained to “So I was honored to even hear that.” In a recent interview the Blastmaster confirmed Yayo would be tackling the role of the Boogie Down Productions front man in the film. The lyrical icon went toe-to-to with the Juice Crew’s MC Shan throughout the late ’80s and said he was sure he’d be portrayed as a villain in the film. “Of course, and I hope they do,” he said. “I was a villain. It was no joke and that’s what it was.” Yayo said his foray into Hollywood is a part of his plans to grow as an entrepreneur. “I want to make my own [moves], ” he said. “I’m looking towards movies right now. I’m working with people you wouldn’t even believe.”

I figured being 50's faulty weed-carrier had it's perks, but goddamn, Hollywood money? This nigga can't even act like a decent rapper on his own albums... what makes someone thing this cat can pull off a role like KRS-One!?!? I'm guessing he will be seen, and not heard, or some shit. Like a 20 second cameo. Tell me that's what it is...

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