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King Kwasi "Homicide"

King Kwasi "Homicide" (clean / dirty): Check out a track from the artist that DJ Green Lantern supposedly wouldn't listen to without some funds. What's your determination: is Green Lantern on that payola? Should DJs be looking for a check with the CDs they get passed?

EDIT: I apologize the above statement. In a fit of misunderstanding, King Kwasi is not the artist embroiled in this Green Lantern situation. Kwasi hit me up due to a comment I made in the above statement, and seeing his e-mail (which has a subject line of THEKAOSEFFECT) lead me to wrongfully assume that he was in fact the original poster. I apologize for that, and for any confusion that could possibly come from this. I was originally not going to post this retraction, and leave it off of my blog completely, but that's not being a grown man and admitting your mistakes. So, again, I apologize.


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