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Mazzi "Lesson A"

Mazzi "Lesson A": S.O.U.L. Purpose's Mazzi goes at both Jay Electronica AND The Cool Kids on this. Not sure where this is coming from, but that beat is the truth, and you know what, who cares - I know a lot of you feel the same way about those cats. Jersey, what?!?!

Via 2DB. EDIT: Miss Info got a response from Mazzi on where this is coming from, here's a snippet:

Look, it’s expected of Hurricane Chris or some one of that genre to be on that gimmick shit but not what we dub real/underground/true school Hip Hop… Let that be! No tools! No posers! No herbs! No space alien rappers who really ain’t on it like that! No little kids tryna’ live out an era they are only partly up on!

Mikey from The Cool Kids has responded in this URB interview, but he really says nothing more than "I'll send him a copy of the album" and "he knows our music". I can't see them even going back at him, just based on their style, but what Mazzi has said needed to be said.

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