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On That Leak: J Dilla "We F'd Up"

J Dilla "We F'd Up" (prod. by Kanye West) [mirrors: divshare / mediafire]: On a tip from XXL's Scratch Blog, I did a Google search and found this gem. This is supposedly from Dilla's unreleased MCA album, which, if you listen to this Wikipedia entry, is rumored to be titled Pay Jay, and is getting a release, as well as being leaked. This track is bangin'; not the Kanye of today, but I love it. (NOTE: I'm assuming this is ripped from a promo copy, that's why that random outerspace noise is in there... it also sounds like Frank-N-Dank are featured in this).

I like how Dilla is playin' off the hook from R. Kelly's "Fiesta".

EDIT: I'm also seeing some sites have this track titled "Pay Jay", but that doesn't sound right, based on the hook.

EDIT: Mirrors are up; Props to The Robert Flack Chronicles for the divshare, and I just re-upped this to mediafire.

EDIT: Looks like Kanye has finally heard this joint, which he says is titled "Pay Jay". Eskay has added this zShare link as well.

On a related note, I copped the 2xCD version of Champion Sound for Record Store Day. What'd you get?!


Matt Searle said...

It's been deleted from ZShare... any chance of a rehost?

khal said...

divshare & mediafire mirrors are up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this

Hayden said...

That random 'outerspace noise' is probably the grab from Benji B's Deviation show. It was probably ripped off of a posting of his online radio show.
He plays a lot of Dilla exclusives, rather he did - don't know how many are left out there!