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J Dilla "Trucks"

I wish I had an MP3 of this - for some reason I can't dload this - can anyone help me out?

Anyways, shouts to my Backpack Enthusiast niggas for posting this one. Word is this is another joint off that Unreleased MCA album. This remakes Gary Numan's classic "Cars", and is an ode to those big whips you niggas love cruisin' in. Sounds like this was played by Benji B on 1Xtra at some point:

J Dilla "Trucks"

EDIT: Props to Jos-B in the comments for ripping the audio and re-uploading it for download; I've upped it to mediafire as well.

EDIT: Big up to Lyndon in the comments for this 320kbps MP3 rip from the divshare stream.

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jon jon said...

I wish I had Truck, niceeeeeee.


josb said...

I just ripped the audio and re-uploaded it, so try this:


Anonymous said...

@320 straight ripped off of Divshare