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No Justice For Sean Bell

rock the dub does not condone the use of violence on anyone, but someone has to pay for the lack of justice in the verdict of the Sean Bell murder case.

I got nothing to say about this right now, except that this Phat Kat chorus keeps running through my head. Shit like this makes you realize how little they care about our lives. And when I say "they" and "our", I'm not necessarily speaking racially, just how the establishment fucks with the people who drive this country.

Rafi has the right idea, and has dug up some of the older Sean Bell coverage on Oh Word.

Fucking bullshit. And the sad part is, niggas are too scared to revolt. So the shit will just keep on.

Bonus Beats: Papoose "50 Shots" \ Mickey Factz "I'm Sean (50 Shots More)"

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