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The Two. Fifteens ...

Cover Art by Darkie

I think it was the summer of 1995 when I first went to the Princeton Record Exchange. In the days of buying CDs, you had your Sam Goody, your Circuit City, your Nobody Beats The Wiz, we had Rock Dreams in Hamilton and a few other spots (shouts to Ace). These spots had the mainstream on smash, but 1995 was when I not only discovered future music, but started to really seek out these tones and vibes that Hip-Hop wasn’t giving me. Aphex Twin, Autechre, Goldie, Tricky and other artists were seminal in this timeframe, and from that foursome, my palette developed and matured, with a fondness for the Dub tendencies that I ended up realizing were prevalent in all forms of music, from Pop to Drum & Bass. While some albums were amazing, nothing felt like it really spoke to me on a whole – maybe it’s because the shouting of a confused Jersey nigga who dug instrumental music and living life in headphones never really got heard. Thank you, Internets.

I say all of that because it’s cats like The Two. Fifteens, two brothers who share a fondness for Electronic beats that can fit a Hip-Hop spectrum but still dabble in IDM/EDM, Dub and other textures. I’ve been hooked on their sound for a bit now, it’s almost like this cornucopia of complex riddim is speaking the words I can’t find when I’m typing. It’s the true American Nightmare – a melting pot of Funk that’s creeping on ah come-up. The lost reels of King Tubby and Lee Perry being funneled through a megacomputer from 2910, weaving intricate tapestries of reality and NOW into your home listening device. And you’re still sleeping. With technology taking such a large chunk of our lives and replacing our lives with scattered symbols and bleeps, it’s surprising that our tastes in music still travel in this minute section of an electronics store.

Dot. Dot. Dot. is the 215’s calling card – if you really wanna know what you should be waiting for in terms of a proper varied plate of bass music, this is where you need to be. African influences, Hip-Hop appeal, Dub aesthetic, and no fear of experimentation and innovation? That’s my kind of tea party – always has been. The one like Daddy Kev put some serious work into mastering this – I know a lot of my peers speak on “CDQ” files and shit, but if you don’t know EDM, you haven’t met meticulous engineering. While a lot of today’s EDM removes Soul from the original works, Kev seems to have let the Soul sit in the forefront, really allowing these tracks to wrap themselves around you, put you in a cocoon and really make you hear. Every. Piece. Of. Music. In. this. Project.

Future music for misunderstood leaders. Quality beats from Cali blastmasters. A testament to the power of modern technology infused with the experimentalism of days old. Or just sick music. This project is all of that, and more…

DOWNLOAD The Two. Fifteens Dot. Dot. Dot. [mirror]


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ChinoD said...

Yo Khal u gotta way wit words man n i feel u on dat future musik tip. been readin' urb since 99 n i cud relate on many levels. I'ma cop dis sht based on ur praise alone cuz i been sleepin 4 a min now. Thugstep!