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Fred Knuxx "Straight Edge MC"

Fred Knuxx "Straight Edge MC" (prod. by ShineWattz): There aren't a lot of tracks that I'd say are tailor-made for a few of my hobbies. But a Hip-Hop track that samples the theme song from one of my favorite current WWE superstars? Sign me up! Taken from Knuxx's RapMania project, where homey will be spitting over flipped themes from your favorite WWF/E superstars (from Razor Ramon to The Rock), homey takes CM Punk's older theme and actually finds a common thread between himself and the Straight Edge Superstar - neither of them eff with alcohol or drugs. Nice twist on the theme, and some good insight into what's to come from the project.

I'm going to be setting up a poll for you wrestling fans - who do you think Knuxx should be sampling and spitting over? Look for that next week! Big up to Dub MD for putting me onto this.


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ChynoD said...

That's fresh, he should go in on Big Zeke's theme musik. Shit is sick.