45 King Vs. Wale "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D (Sammy Bananas Remix)"

45 King Vs. Wale "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D (Sammy Bananas Remix)": Remember when I told you that after the Ghostface Killah Remix EP from Scion A/V that there'd be more to come? Enter The 45 King. If you aren't up on him and his history to the game (from "The 900 Number" to "Stan"), go do your homework. In any case, this track, which I'm giving to you for free, comes from a dope EP that molds old school with new school, from the beats to the rhymes, and is a dope treat for those who are trying to get crunk in the club.

Wale and 45 King link up on 3 cuts here, and each gets the remix treatment. They kick things off with "Roof", which has Wale going in hard over some smooth guitar loop and a fat, '95-feeling bassline. Those basketball references are dope, too. The Rub's DJ Ayers takes the 90PM beat to about 111BPM, and infuses that D.C. Go-Go party vibe that Wale is known for in his native city. Perfect Saturday afternoon cut. This is followed by "Strings", which is just that: a too-tight string section is weaved right atop some hard, crisp drums. Wale sure knows how to coast over these head-nodders, eh? Inflagranti kicks this one into a heavier dance cut, complete with a nasty bass and some wild guitar riffs for Wale's 'ruthless' boasting to murder. We let Wale seckle for a bit, and Pase Rock picks up the mic to revisit "The 900 Number" with a 2K8 version of this classic track. The beat is kept pretty much intact, if nothing it has a 2008 glow over it, and Pase keeps the old-school vibe in tact on the mic. Internets favorite Eli Esocbar takes the reigns for the rmx of this banger, giving the sax sample an electro injection, funking up this anthem for the nightclub. If you aren't vibing to this one, you're dead. Last, but certainly not least, "P-Y-R-A-M-I-D" has that vintage feel with the loops, with what sounds like at least two or 3 samples creating a new school funk band right in your headphones. I can feel my jeans getting a hair tighter, and randomly, an Africa medallion was around my neck! Sammy Bananas closes this one out with a flip of the script, keeping this one straight in the future, with freaky electro bleeps and a pulsating kick keeping the party runnin'.

It's good to hear Hip-Hop remixed well by capable DJs and producers. It's also good to know that someone as skilled as the 45 King can still churn out some bangers when he wants to. Hit up this link for audio and more info on this ill EP.

Big up to Gus for the info!

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