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Double Dee & Steinski: The Lessons

I hope you guys weren't sleeping 2 months ago when I told you that the 2xCD retrospective on Steinski entitled What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective was out today. Well, it's out, and it's the jam. To celebrate, a staple in Hip-Hop history, Hip-Hop production and sampling in general are being made available for you, for free:

Check out Steinski speaking on the origin of The Lessons:

I actually had a few of these jammin' this weekend. If you are a fan of cut-up music, Hip-Hop History, and audio art in general, you should pick this up. I highly recommend it, if not for all of these gems on one disc, but for the 2nd disc's 28-track extravoganza, "Nothing To Fear", which, in true Solid Steel flavor, takes tracks you've definitely heard before (including cuts from J-Live, Marvin Gaye & Foxy Brown), and throws in a perfect snippet of sound that ends up turning the track on its ear, without diverting you from the groove. A truly stunning back catalogue that, while not something that made Dee or Steinski millionaires, definitely made their mark on the scene and should be within the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.

In an added treat, check out "The Lessons Live" from 2000, featuring Steinski with Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow (Part 1 \ Part 2).

What Does It All Mean? is available NOW from the Illegal Art shop for $13. Can't beat that! You can even download this sampler, and hear more tracks from other Illegal Art releases.


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