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Saigon ft. Red 5ive "Believe It"

Saigon ft. Red 5ive "Believe It" [clean \ dirty]: Just Blaze let it be known earlier today that both he and Sai Giddy have been quietly working on getting Sai off of Atlantic. He's since been 100% released, and retained their masters, and while that sounds like an amazing feat, given the business that gets done in the music industry today, it doesn't sound like Atlantic was trying to release a Saigon album anytime soon. Sounds like a clean break to me.

2008 Hip-Hop success = not on a major label. One question, though: Justin Blaze had his Fort Knox label through Atlantic, right? Saigon was signed through Fort Knox/Atlantic, no? Did Fort Knox bounce from Atlantic too, or just Saigon?

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