Dunkin' Donuts Jihad

Can't make shit like this up: a recent Rachel Ray/Dunkin' Donuts ad has been pulled because the scarf Rachel is wearing around her neck is similar to a kiffiyieh. Apparently this can be seen as a symbol of terrorism, because Yasser Arafat has been photographed mad times with one on.

Are you serious? Talk about letting terrorism win. Are people truly wylin' out, like war vets who were IN Iraq, like "oh shit, Rachel Ray has a WMD"? I highly doubt it - the government hardly has time to track, follow and help out our war heroes. No, Rachel is slingin' coffee (which you'd think they would be proud of, with the price of gas), but you know how it goes. Take the pristine, cute spokeswoman and turn her into a terrorist. What's next? Mickey Mouse is a pedophile?

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jon jon said...

...Jihadi Fashionista, fuck it I'll have Jihad Latte'