The Fixxers Street Masterpiece Cover+Tracklist

DJ Quik & AMG's Fixxers material has been long overdue, and we're finally getting some heat in the form of their Street Masterpiece album, which drops on Amaglam on June 17th:

01. Quik Talk
02. Masterpiece Intro
03. Do I Love Her
04. Born N Raised
05. Get Down Ft. Chingy
06. Black P*ssy
07. Get Nakkid Ft. Mausberg
08. Down Down Down
09. Pitch N On A Party
10. Tonight
11. U'Z A Gansta
12. Let's Get Down
13. Me Wanna Rip U'R Girl
14. Bombudd
15. Bombudd 2
16. Intro From Roger
17. Trouble
18. Trouble (Remix)
19. Trust No Bitch
20. Murda 1 Case
21. Just Lyke Compton
22. Hand N Hand
23. Black Mercedes
24. Well Ft. Raphael Saadiq & Mausberg
25. Fandango ft. B Real
26. Dollars N Sense
27. Quik's Groove
28. Change The Game
29. U Ain't Fresh
30. Don't Eat The P*ssy
31. I Use To Know Her
32. Can U Werk Witdat (Remix) ft. Jim Jones
33. So Good Ft. Rich Boy
34. Flip It Ft. Kay L
35. Go To Work Ft. Kay L

30+ tracks?!?! How wild is that? "So Good" is a banger though.


josb said...

Oh, Quik re-added the DJ to his name; I remember him making a big stink about it when this album was announced that he shouldn't have the DJ in his name because he didn't spin at local bar mitzvahs and he was just a producer or something equally unimportant/unconvincing...

What's up with the handful of old Quik tracks interspersed in this tracklist?

khal said...

rofl @ #1 - i had no idea about that

@ #2 - im not sure. going based off the press release i was sent. it says its a street album, so who knows if they are full tracks or snippets, like they are lookin at this like a mixtape or what. time will tell...