I'm Done With Nas

Seriously. At times, I figured I was the only one who was behind the idea of Nas putting out Nigger as some kind of social commentary shit. After hearing "Be A Nigger Too", I felt I was vindicated. Lo and behold, just like when the album that is now Hip-Hop Is Dead was just a rumor, Nas has flipped the script and is now reportedly calling the album... drumroll please... Nas:

According to EW.com, a Def Jam representative has confirmed that Nas will no longer be naming his upcoming project Nigger. Instead, Nasir Jones will opt for a less controversial title: Nas.

It seemed that Nas and Def Jam were comfortable with the eyebrow raising title. Island Def Jam Music Chair, L.A. Reid, even went so far as to say "Anything Nas wants to do, I completely stand beside him," in an interview last year.
But as the release draws near, Nas spoke to MTV about the increasing pressure to change the title.

"Everybody is trying to stop the title," Nas stated. "Record stores are gonna have a problem in this day and time selling a record with that title. Who knows what's gonna turn out and be on that title? Who knows what that title will be?"

It seems that the phrase "pressure busts pipes" has finally reared its head as the controversial title has effectively been changed.

No comment as of yet from Nas or Def Jam regarding the change as of press time.

Nigger, please! Get off that dumb shit. If you seriously come with anything but Nigger as the title of this album, I will have lost mad respect for you. Seriously - I respect you as an artist, but to build this shit up to a fever pitch, then just clown niggas (just like you did the last go-round) is a bitch move, and I know I am tired of it.

Eskay has the right idea.

I fucking wanted that album, too. I've been getting back to buying albums, and as long as the tracks were hot, I was going to buy that shit off the rip. I'm not buying Nas, I'll tell you that. I'm seriously disgusted...


Anonymous said...

I'm done with Nas too...

I just think it's kind of ironic he changed his album title from the n word to Nas....

khal said...

LOL I hadn't even thought of that. Good observation!

J~Dub said...

i thought i was the only one irritated by this. i was excited someone was going to make a bold statement about niggas...not anymore...nas lost!