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Lil' Wayne "A Milli (Instrumental)"

Lil' Wayne "A Milli (Instrumental)": Uploaded and now shared because, damnit, this beat is choice, and more (read: dope) MCs need to hop on it and flood the streets this summer.

Bonus Beats: Lil' Wayne "I" [No DJ version; via BGDB, by way of Mr. X]


Anonymous said...

no more lil douchebag wayne!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

screw off lil wayne is boss

Anonymous said...

little wayne is the shiz!!
don't be hatin cause you ain't black!!

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't last 8 bars in a battle against Bizzy Bone or Twista.

Eddie Fuckin Slone said...

Yo who the fuck can honestly sit there and compare a dude like wayne to bizzy bone and twista? is u stupid? ya man twista n all da bone thugs is hot man but for there own fuckin reasons, similar to y wayne is hot man so get off his back n if ya dont like his music stick to listenin to ppl who come out with music every 3 years ha