Popa Wu Visions Of The 10th Chamber Pt. II Cover+Tracklist

This is one of three street albums that Amaglam will be dropping in June. This one is for the diehard Wu heads:


01. Freedom or Death ft. Popa Wu
02. S.O.D. Part 2 ft. Free Murda
03. Black Germ (still Tricknology)
04. Popa Wu righteous Chamber
05. Hallz of Justice
06. Choppen Block
07. Phone Tap – entamishun
08. Abdullah
09. Spyz in the Palace
10. Powder (Yacub's Faktory)
11. Broken Bladez ft. Dungeon Masta
12. Medachevits (OH NO)
13. Generatorz
14. Virus (like we do)
15. Love Hell or Right ft. Angela S.
16. Revenge of the 7 Archorz
17. P.E.A.C.E. ft. A Special Guest
Bonus Track: Osirius

Out on June 3rd. Shouts to Matt for the info.

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