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Radius "Logan's Square (Rent's Due)"

Radius "Logan Square (Rent's Due)": Radius' debut album for TSLOS, Neighborhood Suicide, was released on May 6th. And I love it. Think DJ Shadow if he hailed from Chi-town. Raw, emotional instrumental Hip-Hop from a talented brother, documenting his feelings towards his city at the time of creation (to hear him say it, "Neighborhood Suicide started in late 2006 and early 2007, The Winter Season… I was tired of Chicago, but only because I felt I couldn't make anything workout here. I needed fresh air. I started working on a project that I felt reflected the way I was feeling, down and out but happy, free and expressive too, like I knew that if I could be heard I would feel better and I felt I would/could have people that would support my sound. I was also working on a lot of more break-heavy, experimental, more layered and zone out /journey tracks, as I'd like to call them."). Journey tracks are definitely a great title for these beats. This is heavy-parka, riding on the train, headphone funk. This is "turn up the heater", late night, back seat of the sedan road trip music. Awkward walks home with that special someone riddims.

File under experimental Hip-Hop, in between Shadow and DJ Krush. Serious as a heart attack, y'all.

Bonus Beats: Radius "Englewood (Necessary Growth)"


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Anonymous said...

I still have yet to hear the album it in it's entirety. That response seems purely positive and right on.. RADIUS... hard work is paying off.. music and light spreading world wide!

keep grinding:)