Elucid X Ice T "Lifestyles RMX"

Elucid X Ice T "Lifestyles RMX": Better late than never, I always say. Elucid flips a classic track and seriously makes it his own, providing a serious example of what could happen if more MCs would kick ballistics over straight breaks and loops. The dope thing is, this is some shit you can throw in your sets and actually get hype on the dancefloor, too! It's one of those cuts where, with a 40 oz or 2, you can do your favorite Kid'N'Play impersonation, but with a pair of headphones and a dutch to the face, you can get lost in the lyrics. Lyrically? This is the mind of a man who has seen a lot of shit go on in the street. The voice of a nigga who is on his grind, doing it the right way but is letting you fuckers know: don't test, I've been there, and if the right button is pushed, I can go right back there.

"Razor on the tongue, how you feel SON!?!"

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