J Dilla "Diamonds"

J Dilla "Diamonds" (prod. by Nottz): If you got this leak, you probably realized that Track 01 was like 0 seconds long, or however your MP3 player responded to the abnormally small/short file. Well, Good Blah over at The Backpack Enthusiast has uploaded what is supposed to be track #1, a cut entitled "Diamonds". I put it as produced by Nottz based on the ID3 tag on the MP3. Notice the question mark? I'm playing it real suspicious until someone (*cough* Stones Throw *cough*) gives some details.

BLING BLING! (c) Dilla Dog

EDIT: I've removed the "?" from Nottz; I got confirmation from Good Blah, Aaron M and Shake, advising my that this track has been around for a minute, and that Nottz has been confirmed as the producer. Holla.

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AaronM said...

I mean, I don't have concrete proof but I saw this track on an mp3 blog a while back and it was listed as being produced by Nottz. It sounds like his work.