Philly Cops Beat On Niggas

While I feel for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer by some idiot with an AK-47, I cannot and do not condone cops pulling niggas out of their whips and beating them. I get that, yes, there was a report of a shooting in that area. I understand that. And I also get that cops band together in times like this. But any sympathy niggas had for the police regarding the slain officer is cast out the window when 1) they wanna Rodney King any suspects out there, and 2) they provide this massive, tri-state manhunt for one guy because a cop got killed. When niggas get murked, cases sit dusty for months. 1 cop gets shot, and the one guy who got away is fucking P.E. #1.

You also have to love how the evening news will repeatedly show people getting shot, beaten, arrested, doing perp walks and all of that, but video of cops beating the shit out of niggas is something that is instantly subpeonaed and advised to not be shown.

What gives? Is that justice?

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One Response to “Philly Cops Beat On Niggas”

jon jon said...

whatev them niggas did, there's never any reason for police brutality, all of which we in the black community knew all too well.

F*ck The Police!