Question? Xanax The Mixtape

Representing San Antonio, check out this new mixtape from Question?. Dude dares to be different, especially for a Southern artist, and is representing the Cinematic Music Group. Want to give someone new a try? I suggest peepin' this cat:



1. Listen
2. Intoxicated
3. Devil Is Here
4. Crashing Down (Feat One Republic)
5. Life Goes On
6. Sharp (Feat Jazze Pha)
7. High School 1
8. Just Look (Feat Devin The Dude)
9. Shiny Boots
10. Pass it Around (Feat Young Buck & Shiest Bubz)
11. Seat Layed Back
12. 30 Thousand Feet In the Sky
13. Neva Been a Fronta
14. Playing Games
15. Rush Rush
16. Good For Nothing
17. This Ain't A Rap Song
18. I'm Gonna Make It
19. Rise And Fall

You should also check out his new single, "Dance Like A White Boy". Big up to Roni for the heads up.

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One Response to “Question? Xanax The Mixtape

king of akron said...

dammm...this is actually pretty good. That Dance like a whiteboy song made me believe he was a gimmicky artist, but this here is actually decent, though its hard for me to believe hes from the south...cuz i usually hate southern rappers. the storytelling songs "crashing down" and "shiny boots" are crack